What Other Bloggers Are Saying #14

Did you know that a Canadian goose can break your leg with their wing?  After walking around the nearby park I found out that geese can get pretty sensitive if you don’t feed them the bread that you brought for the ducks.  For readers that are wondering what a goose will do when they are about to attack…  They will hiss and raise their wings, kind of like the picture to the left.  Imagine seeing that coming at you during your walk!

It’s the end of August and I can’t believe that the summer months are past us and autumn is about to begin.  With that, we are getting close to our 6 month anniversary here at My University Money!

We wish to remind everyone about our First Annual Scholarship Contest and to get their entries submitted so we don’t have to stay up all night judging articles before the deadline!

Here are this weeks great reads:

What Other Bloggers Are Saying:

  1.  Money Crashers show us the Top 10 Resume And Cover Letter Mistakes To Avoid
  2. The College Survival Handbook shows us Facebook’s New Privacy Settings
  3. The Canadian Finance Blog talks about Reading Smarter, And For Free!
  4. Free From Broke gives us Alternative College Housing Options To Save Money
  5. Prairie Eco Thrifter shows us 5 Career Killer Moves
  6. The College Investor presents Performing The Study And Work Balancing Act
  7. Not Made Of Money shows us some Tips For Breaking Free From The Monthly Payment Mentality
  8. Yes I Am Cheap shows us the Cost Of Living In The 50’s Compared To Today In 2011
  9. Boomer And Echo shares an unreal story about Good Customer Service
  10. Young And Thrifty talks about Generation Y In The Workplace

Yakezie posts

  1. The Amateur Financier talks about Student Loans
  2. Personal Finance asks the question “Would You Buy An Iphone For $25000?
  3. The Centsible Life shows us some Back To School And Healthy Lunches
  4. First Gen American shows some Basic Cleaning And Storage Tips For Slobs
  5. Momsplans is kicking herself Not Shopping At Costco Earlier
  6. Money Cone shares 10 Reasons Why The Rich Hate Warren Buffet
  7. The Financial Samurai presents Get A College Degree Will Set You Free
  8. My Personal Finance Journey asks “Are You Balancing Frugal Living With Fun?
  9. BFPF presents 14 Traits Of The Rich – How Many Do You Have?
  10. Money Crush presents “Nervous About A Potential LayOff?

We’re proud to be a part of The Canadian Finance Carnival, and the Carnival of Wealth, and the Totally Money Carnival.



  1. For some reason, I love to follow the geese around te golf course until the hiss and run and me. Always gives me pleasure. Hmmmm :)

    • Really? Ever have to break out the driver?

      • You would wreck your driver for sure, those things are 30 pounds at least!

  2. Thanks for the mention, guys! 6 months goes by pretty fast, doesn’t it?

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my article on Prairie Eco Thrifter!

    Goose are so neat to watch and so messy to deal with!!!
    Growing up they were a rarity here in the midwest – as were deer, fox, coyote and etc. Now they are releasing elk in our state – wow I would hate to meet up with a mad elk!

  4. Congrats at reaching the six month mark! Thanks too for the mention.

  5. If one of those ever decides to come at me while I blog at the park, I’ll be so ready to smack them with my cheap HP. geese dinner. yum

    • Haha, I’ve got one of these cheap HPs as well. Hey, it does what I need it to!

  6. Note to self: don’t mess with Canadian Geese!

    Thanks for the mention JB!


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