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Hello everyone!  We made this site to share our knowledge about some of the best ways to not only financially survive as you go through post-secondary schooling, but thrive!  We also cover a wide range of basic personal finance topics and tips to get through life.  Please take a look around and if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please contact us!  We love meeting, engaging and interacting with new people.  Talk to you soon!

We’re going to try and make our site appealing to high school students, secondary school students,  parents, and young people that are new to the workforce.

If you are a student who is still in high school and is going to be continuing education elsewhere, you might find these articles interesting.

If you are a university student you might find these articles useful.

If you are a student who is near graduation you might enjoy these tips.

If you are a parent who is saving to send their children to university one day here our some of our popular posts.


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