Is Betterhelp Available In Canada? Is Talkspace Available in Canada?

Whether you’re studying at the university, a young adult, or a fully mature human, the chances are you have been feeling stressful over the past 18 months since the beginning of the pandemic. So many people have to care for their loved ones and themselves, stay away from their normal social life, and live in a lot more uncertainty than they used to. The increase in demand for psychological assistance via therapy during this period was expected to grow, and so did the rise in telemedicine, has created or strongly boosted a sub-industry of telemedicine – online therapy sites.

Websites like BetterHelp and Talkspace which connect prospective patients with a licensed, vetted, therapists are now household names, and people are constantly asking whether Betterhelp is available in Canada, and whether Talkspace is available in Canada. The answer is an astounding yes to both questions. Yes, Betterhelp, the world’s best known online therapy site is fully available in Canada, and yes – Talkspace is available in Canada as well. Same therapists, same language, no barriers. Betterhelp and Talkspace are both a great choice for Canadians looking for online counseling, and in this article covering Betterhelp review for Canadian readers, and a Talkspace review for Canadian readers, as well as a comprehensive comparison of Talkspace vs BetterHelp, we will touch all the bits of information about you need to make an educated choice. If you are looking for a Betterhelp vs Talkspace comparison, this guide will help you understand the ins and outs of the service.

Betterhelp (available in Canada) review: Betterhelp is probably the best known online therapy sites in the world due to its sheer size. It boasts 1.6m subscribers, more than 20,000 therapists, and is owned by Teladoc, one of the leading telemedicine companies in the world. That means that Betterhelp is highly trustworthy and diverse which are two of the most important qualities you would expect of an online therapy site. The matching process with therapist is very easy and friendly and therapists are categorized based on their expertise so that the matching would be good. The sessions are done through texting or live sessions. The only vice Betterhelp has is that it’s pretty expensive and the discount you can receive if you are unemployed is only up to 40%.

TalkSpace (available in Canada) review: TalkSpace is one of the biggest contenders in the online therapy space globally which has raised more than $100m in funding to date. The company has some lucrative sponsorship deals with Michael Phelps and other celebrities, and it has been operating since 2012, even prior to Betterhelp’s establishment. The company has a large selection of therapists, 5,000+, and do no reveal the number of customers which are currently using the platform but we can assume that considering the fact their have less than 25% of Betterhelp, they are significantly smaller in size.

The BetterHelp vs TalkSpace debate in Canada can be resolved very easily. We think that the best method is simply signing up with both services which are very similar in terms of platform, flow, and costs and see how does the therapist match-up work out for your needs. At the end, an online therapy boils down to a professional and readily available therapist, who is insightful and attentive to your needs. Although it’s difficult to make an accurate assessment of a medical professional quickly, nothing beats that GUT FEELING once you start working with someone. Within 2 or 3 sessions you don’t necessarily expect a relief but on the other hand you expect some sort of a connection… that’s why signing up with multiple platforms and then proceeding with the therapist of your liking could be the best way to engage in something like online therapy which is somewhat different than traditional therapists, whom you normally get to using a recommendation.

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