Are Betterhelp & Talkspace Available In Canada? Best Online Therapy Services for Canadians 2024

Whether you’re studying at the university or just starting life as a young adult, chances are you have been feeling anxious and stressed at one point or another. This is especially true with so many people having to care for their loved ones and themselves, stay away from their normal social life, and live in a lot more uncertainty than they used to.

The increase in demand for psychological assistance via therapy during these last few years was expected to grow, and so did the rise in telemedicine, which has created or strongly boosted a sub-industry of telemedicine – online therapy sites. While most of these operate from the U.S, many of the best U.S online therapy sites are available to Canadians as well.

Websites like BetterHelp and Talkspace which connect prospective patients with a licensed therapists are now household names in the U.S, and people are constantly asking whether BetterHelp is available in Canada, and whether Talkspace is available in Canada (and how does BetterHelp vs Talkspace compares). The answer is an astounding yes to both questions.

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Yes, BetterHelp, the world’s best known online therapy site is fully available in Canada, and yes – Talkspace is also available in Canada as well.

Same therapists, same language, no barriers. BetterHelp and Talkspace are both great choices for Canadians looking for online counselling. In this article we’ll be offering BetterHelp and Talkspace reviews for Canadian readers, as well as a comprehensive comparison between the two. We’ll also touch on all the bits of information about you need to make an educated choice. If you are looking for the best online therapy services in Canada, this article will help you find them.

BetterHelp Review (Available in Canada):

BetterHelp is the best known online therapy site in the world due to its sheer size. It boasts over 3 million subscribers, more than 30,000 therapists, and is owned by Teladoc, one of the leading telemedicine companies in the world. That means that BetterHelp is highly trustworthy and diverse which are two of the most important qualities you would expect of an online therapy site.

The matching process with therapist is very easy and friendly and therapists are categorized based on their expertise so that the matching would be good. The sessions are done through texting or live video calls. BetterHelp is slightly more expensive than other therapy platforms, but they do offer financial aid programs for those who are eligible.

Although user reviews across the web are overwhelmingly positive, there are a few small issues with the service. Some patients say their therapist only gave very short answers on chat and that response times were not good enough. Luckily, if that happens you can just switch over to one of the other 25,000 psychologists available on the site.

BetterHelp also has separate services for specific groups with it’s satellite sites – Teen Counseling, ReGain Couples Therapy and Pride Counseling. Even though these sites each operate on a seemingly standalone platform, you still get access to all of BetterHelp’s core benefits and services.

Overall, BetterHelp is widely regarded as one of the best online therapy sites in the world, and is quite possibly the best online counseling service available to Canadians. New clients enjoy a 20% discount on their first month and you can expect treatment to begin within a day or two from when you sign up.


Talkspace Review (Available in Canada):

Talkspace is also one of the biggest contenders in the online therapy space globally and are sparing no expense to continue to grow. The company has lucrative sponsorship deals with Michael Phelps and other celebrities, and it has been operating since 2012, even prior to BetterHelp’s establishment.

Talkspace boasts a large selection of therapists at around 5,000, and unlike BetterHelp also provide psychiatric evaluations and treatments. Another difference is that this is a one stop shop – Talkspace doesn’t have satellite sites targeting specific segments of the population. That said, even though their teen counseling programs are excellent, they do somewhat lack when it comes to couple therapy unfortunately.

With subscription prices starting at $90 CAD a week, Talkspace’s basic package is slightly cheaper than BetterHelp. This package only gives you access only to text-based therapy though, and if you opt for the package with a weekly video session then the price jumps to roughly $110 CAD a week, which is in fact slightly higher than BetterHelp.

Overall, I recommend starting with BetterHelp, but if you can’t find what you are looking for over there then Talkspace is an excellent alternative. The only reason why you might want to do this the other way around is because Talkspace does offer a 1 week free trial to new users.

Talkspace’s online therapy services are fully available to Canadians and are highly recommended. The site is fully regulated and is a household name not only in the U.S but also around the world. Aside from the free trial offer, the current promotion also guarantees you’ll get $110 CAD off your first month of subscription.


GetMaple – The Best Canadian-Based Therapy Option?

We don’t have a ton of options when it comes to actual Canadian companies offering online therapy, and Maple Health seems like the best of the bunch. While i haven’t used it yet, i do know some people who used the platform for physical checkups and were overall pleased with it.

Naturally, the platform is much smaller in size. With only a handful of therapists available, it might be harder to get quality treatment and you can expect to wait longer before you are able to schedule an appointment.

Unlike the 2 other sites featured above, Maple operates on a pay-per-meet basis and not with a subscription plan. The exact price depends on the time you set your session to be at and where you currently live, with prices ranging between $120 and $160 per session. On top of that, you also pay $30 a month in membership fees, which is something i really don’t like – why would you have to pay if you are not using the service in any way?

As far as i can tell, online therapy in Canada isn’t covered by provincial health plans – but you can get discounts through health benefits programs or your private insurance might cover it. If that’s the case, and you can afford the wait, then it might be worth giving Maple a chance.

It’s worth noting that even in cases when therapy is covered by insurance, it’s the same as face to face counseling. Most private health insurances only cover the first $750 you spend each year so it’ll cover 6 sessions per year or so. If you plan on seeing a therapist on a weekly basis, then BetterHelp or Talkspace end up being much cheaper. For short term treatments, you might still want to consider Maple first.

GetMaple currently does not offer any promotion. You can visit their site’s online therapy section and see exactly how they can help you.


Online Therapy in Canada – FAQ

  • Which online therapy sites operate in Canada?

    Most of the large U.S-based online therapy platforms also accept Canadians, with BetterHelp and Talkspace being the best ones. There are also a few local options available, such as Maple and Wellin5 for example.

  • Is online therapy safe?

    Yes, it is perfectly safe and legit. These companies are publicly traded and so are heavily regulated and monitored. This applies to both the quality of treatment they offer, as well as data and privacy protection.

  • How Much Does Online Therapy Cost?

    It depends on the site in question and the specific plan you choose, but generally speaking therapy price is between $90 and $125 CAD per week.

  • Can i use insurance to pay for online therapy?

    You can’t use insurance to pay for a U.S based therapy site. But some private insurance might cover using a Canadian online therapy provider.

  • Is online therapy effective?

    Multiple studies, conducted in both the U.S and the UK, have shown online therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face to treatment. This is specifically true for cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) where online counseling has yielded very impressive results.

  • How does online therapy actually work?

    While each site is slightly different, the basics are pretty much the same. You sign up and get matched with a therapist. If you don’t like the suggested match, you can request for a new suggestion, or you can simply browse the therapists’ profile page and choose your own. Then, you need to subscribe to a treatment plan and pay. These plans usually include 1 weekly video session, as well as the ability to communicate with your chosen psychologist via texts or chat in between meetings.

BetterHelp vs. Talkspace in Canada

The bottom line is that both of these sites are excellent and there’s a very high likelihood you’ll be able to find the right treatment in both. Even though Talkspace is a smaller platform, with over 5,000 licensed therapists it’s also a safe bet you’ll find the right person you can vibe and feel comfortable with. Prices are much more affordable than face to face therapy, and multiple studies have shown online therapy can be just as effective.

BetterHelp and Talkspace are by far the two best options for online therapy in Canada. While i do think BetterHelp is the better choice overall, Talkspace’s more affordable pricing and 1 week free trial are also enticing. Since signing up is free anyway, i suggest you try out both and see which one feels better. After all, one the key determining factors for successful treatment is the patient’s comfort and trust levels.

For a more detailed comparison of these two industry leaders, as well as some smaller sites that could be a good alternative, i also highly recommend reading this extremely detailed BetterHelp vs. Talkspace comparison. With all of that said, i really do think you can’t go wrong with picking any of these two online therapy platforms.

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