Important update: May 2018

MyUniversityMoney is no longer own by Kyle Prevost and  Justin Bouchard. They are the original authors and curators of all the content on this website until May of 2018, but since then, they are no longer involved.

The team that bought MyUniversityMoney has a vision of further developing into, and turning it from a fairly disorganized blog towards a comprehensive guide for everything finance in Canada. When our new product launches, we will be disclosing more details about ourselves, but until then we just made sure readers of this blog are aware of the fact Kyle and Justin are no longer operating it nor writing for it.

We aspire to take My University Money up a notch or two. We want to make the site easier to navigate, easier to understand and far more actionable than it is today. We will be comparing money-saving products and apply to a broader audience. Expect greatness!


New owner My University Money

Kyle and Justin – The Guys With More Money for Beer and Textbooks

My name is Kyle Prevost and my partner in crime is Justin Bouchard.  We are two young professionals who graduated from the University of Manitoba a few years ago.  Since then I’ve started my career as a high school teacher and Justin is now the Dean of Residence at St. John’s College on the University of Manitoba Campus.Since starting My University Money, Justin and I have also taken over a great Canadian personal finance site over at, as well as published the critically acclaimed book: More Money for Beer and Textbooks – A Financial Guide for Today’s Canadian Student.Both Justin and myself grew up in small, rural towns and then met while living in residence at the University.  During our time in school we worked together on many aspects of student government and met thousands of students through various functions and connections.  So when we got together and decided we wanted to take our hobby of writing up a couple of levels and start a blog, it was a natural decision to look at a site that could help students.Obviously our experience was at one particular university, but I think we have many tips and insights that can help the modern day student in almost any setting.  If you have any comments and/or questions on the site or any of the topics we write about we’d love to hear from you.


Justin’s Take

The idea to create came to us when I went to visit Kyle and we were reminiscing about the good old days back on campus.  I started to think of what I would have done different (not too much by the way, I had a BLAST!) and we both realized just how much we learned from our experiences there.  As Kyle mentioned before, we were both involved in anything we could be involved in.  In various student groups we always helped the students one way or another. I even get asked by younger family members for advice of where to go to school and for what, etc.

Once graduated, we moved on, but our passion still lay on the stone steps of campus.  Because of that, we figured that we would combine our efforts and make this website dedicated to the people who are planning on going to school, or for parents who are planning on sending their children to school.

Teacher Man – Friend and Staff Writer

I decided on the name “Teacher Man” as a way to honour an extraordinary author named Frank McCourt.  He won numerous awards for his breakout novel Angela’s Ashes.  He wrote this book after decades as a public school teacher, and so for his second project he wrote a beautiful memoir he titled Teacher Man.  As a public school teacher myself I found the book truly inspiring and motivational.I enjoy writing in general and like the challenge of trying to help people get through a tough financial time in their life as students.  I teach various humanity and business courses in high school, and give much of the same advice you read on this site.  As I experience my students’ concerns and help them with their questions, concerns and anxieties about post-secondary education it gives me ideas for what topics to write about here at myuniversitymoney.Check out my article on how I got started in personal finance for more information.


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If you have any questions or ideas concerning our content, feel free to email us at myuniversitymoney[at] or use our Contact Page


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