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Here are some of the blogs that we follow and take part in, this list will be updated all the time so be sure to check back often.


Young and Thrifty

Y and T appeals to much the same demographic as we do and gives some great advice to fellow Generation Yers.  This blog is great for understanding the basics of tackling financial issues for the first time.  It has plenty of tips geared to help save you money at a time in your life when you really need to!


Million Dollar Journey

This was the first blog that I read “front-to-back” when I first got into reading about personal finance.  “Frugal Trader” has tips on nearly every aspect of financial life.  The most unique items you can find on his site are in-depth comparisons about discount online stock traders, details of a mortgage strategy called the Smith Manoeuvre, and perhaps the item that most adds to his credibility are his personal net worth updates.  You can follow FT as he saves and invests his way to a million.  It’s kind of inspiring to see such a concrete example of personal finance tips and consistent investment behaviour at work.


Green Panda Treehouse

Another site dedicated to helping young people.  It is actually part of The Financial Blogger’s growing web empire.  Recently they have been running some great posts about financial tips for young families.  Aside from the usual crash course in personal finance this site has a lot of basic ideas and insights for everyday routine.


Money Smarts

A blog aimed at helping Canadian people of all ages.  If it’s important financial information, and it’s Canadian, chances are that you can learn a lot about it right here.  Mike, the main author, is always willing to impart wisdom and share his vast array of knowledge.


Canadian Finance Blog

As the name it infer, this blog is similar to the one listed above.  It always has very informative content, and some great guest posts (hopefully one day we’ll be able to grace the page).  It is widely read site and the comments and link carnivals always seem to have more to teach than you have time to learn!


Canadian Dream: Free at 45

This site offers a lot of information for those that are a little closer to retirement than the usual university student is, but it is a great read for all ages.  I find that it helps me to understand what my goals should be and what I need to do in order to get on track to meet them.  The author has recently released a fairly well selling book, so he is definitely an authority in the area of retirement planning.  Remember that it’s never to early to start planning!  I hope that I can be somewhat free at 45 and I think it’s definitely a worthy goal.


Boomer and Echo

The unique spin that this site offers is an ongoing debate/conversation about money between echo (Gen X/Yer) and Boomer (their parent).  It is a pretty cool way to look at personal finance, and fairly relevant for university students who should probably be discussing financial matter with their parents much more than they currently do.

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