Canada’s Best Meal Kit Delivery Services for 2019

I have a confession to make: I love meal kits and meal delivery options.

Yes, I know.  I am a typical Canadian millennial that doesn’t know how to meal prep or cook from scratch, etc.  I could be saving “so much money”… But hear me out on this one.

I’d go so far as to say that the number of domestic arguments my prepared meal kit subscription (delivered to my door) has saved my wife and I, make it worth the cost – apart from all of the other great advantages!

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I am entirely willing to admit that the main reason my wife has taken on much of the cooking in our house over the years is that I’m really bad at it.  I’m not bad at it because I can’t follow a recipe or lack attention to detail. I’m not even bad at it because I’m too lazy to cook. (I should point out here in the interest of trying to salvage some degree of self-respect, that I do handle the bulk of the cleaning and laundry in order to bring some semblance of balance to the domestic chores scale.)  

I’m bad I used to be bad at cooking because I’m too lazy to plan and shop.  These bad habits are not helped by the fact that we live in a rural Canadian area, so purchasing fresh produce can be difficult.  Any spice or food option that is juuuuust outside the mainstream? Forget about it.

Because I was an extremely reluctant cook, my wife would naturally get annoyed with me from time to time for not pulling my weight (which is considerable) in the kitchen.  I can honestly say that since starting our meal kit delivery service, the following positives have occurred in my life:

  1.  I cook much more because I don’t have to plan ahead.
  2. My wife and I haven’t had a single argument about household chores in several months.
  3. We both look forward to getting home on Tuesdays to find three separate delicious meals waiting for us.  Most of which we’d have never tried were it not for the food box subscription we have.
  4. We eagerly anticipate sitting down together and choosing our meals for the next week.  Food preparation has went from something to be endured, to something that brings joy to our lives!

A Comparison of Canada’s Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

Hello FreshGood FoodMiss FreshChef’s PlateFresh City Farms
Price-per-Serving (2 People)$12.33-$13.33$10.83-$12.50$9.79-10.99$9.99-$12.99$10.25-$12.25
Price-per-Serving (4 People)$10.31-$10.33$8.75-$10.81$8.99-$9.99$8.99-$12.15N/A
Weekly Vegetarian OptionsYesYesYesYesYes
Exclusively Vegetarian PlanYes NoYesYesYes
Gluten-Free OptionsSometimes (see label)Sometimes (see label)Sometimes (see label)Sometimes (see label)Sometimes (see label)
Delivers To:All of Canada!Most Urban Canadian AreasMost Urban Canadian AreasMost Urban Canadian AreasToronto-Only
Bag Open-to-Table (minutes)25-45 15-6025-4015-40N/A
Number of Recipes Offered Each Week7101216Custom Basket
Min-Max Weekly Meals You Can Select3-43-42-53-4Custom Basket
Environmentally Friendly GradeABBBA+

With roughly one million meal kits being shipped across Canada everyday, more and more Canadians are signing up for the value found in a meal kit subscription box.  However, Canadians still lag behind markets like the USA as far as percentage of the population having tried a meal kit service – thus guaranteeing that you the consumer can soak up some juicy promotional deals as companies fight for market share dominance!  Who doesn’t love free food? Especially if you live in a major urban city, why not try several options and see which one you like best?

The Cost of Canada’s Meal Kit Options

I want to be right upfront in saying that meal kit delivery services are more expensive than going out and buying groceries.  It only makes sense given the convenience involved.

BUT – and this is a huge BUT – consider what you’re getting for that extra cash.

1) We NEVER have to go to the store for an ingredient that we’re missing.  This is especially pleasant on cold winter evenings after we stumble in the door and put on our warm PJs!

2) We NEVER waste food from cooking dinner meals.  I hated feeling guilty looking at rotting produce in our crisper.  That guilt is now gone.

3) We NEVER have mental stress in the morning or after work when it comes to planning what to eat or asking each other, “Did you remember to take that _____ out of the freezer?”  That relieved mental burden just makes life better.

4) Our restaurant spending is down 60% because our old “we’re too tired” default option was to order in, or go out.  We now have a better default option!

5) We’re eating healthier than we ever have in our life! (Admittedly, not the highest bar to clear.)  My dinner now ranges from 500-900 calories – when it was often double that before. It’s automatic portion control, combined with delicious ways of mixing veggies into everything!

That being said, I figure that our meal kit box subscription costs roughly twice as much per meal as buying fresh produce.

At $9-$13 per serving (depending on how many meals ordered and which service you use, as well as if you go exclusively vegetarian) meal kits aren’t cheap.  I also know that it’s possible in urban areas for discerning grocery shoppers to cut their per-meal cost lower than $5.

The thing is, I don’t want to be a discerning grocery shopper.  I don’t even want to be A SHOPPER!

I want to sit on my comfortable couch and scroll through delicious-tasting meals that I’ve never tried before, and pick 50% of next week’s suppers and lunches in 4 swipes or less.

I think that the other point that people have to consider when comparing apples to er… fresh vegetables, is that almost every single one of the ingredients in the meal kits that I’ve prepared is a premium product at the peak of freshness.  So it’s not fair to compare to a ramen-noodles inspired menu.

Finally, if you’re not around for a week, and/or just want to save a few bucks before the next paycheque arrives, all of the major meal kit companies make it fairly simple to skip a week.

Meal Prep Delivery In a Snap

Signing up for a meal kit delivery service is super easy.  

As one might expect from app-based companies, their sign up process is simple.  You hook a credit card up (like any other subscription box service) and you’re good to go.

Depending on the meal kit company, you’re likely to have the option of a two-person meal option and a four-person “family size”.  We actually toyed with the idea of ordering a 4-person meal for just the two of us, and then having a bunch of leftovers. It’s not as crazy as it might sound because obviously a large part of the cost involved in the delivery of the service, is the actual delivery.  So ordering a large meal kit box is the way to get the most bang for your buck. That said, the two-person meal kit has always been a generous meal for us, and there are leftovers roughly 30-40% of the time. This is saying something as I’m a pretty big dude at 6’2, 250 pounds!

Again, depending on which meal prep delivery company that you choose to go with, there will usually be 5-7 options for you to choose 2-4 meals from that week (depending on what type of subscription package you choose).  Each meal will come in it’s own bag with everything needed to cook the meal aside from basic kitchen ingredients such as oil, salt, sugar, etc. All other materials are in individual packaging. We have yet to receive produce that was not fresh (7 months into our subscription).  The only negative thing that we’ve had happen is that when it was -45 outside this February, the basil leaves froze. I’m not paying for a heated meal kit box – so I’ll live with that one!

I cannot quantify the satisfaction of coming home to a box of food delivered to your door.  I realize it’s a relatively simple concept, but man does it make climbing that supper preparation mountain a breeze!  I was mildly concerned at first, that given our hot humid summers in Manitoba, our meat products would wilt. The engineering prowess that goes into these eco-friendly packages is pretty cool though.  Just to test the limits, I left our box outside all day on a 30 degree day in August. When I unpacked it eight hours after morning delivery, the ice packages were still more than half frozen, and the package was very chilled.  Needless to say, the meals were delicious and we experienced zero evidence of bacteria, food poisoning, etc. Consequently, I’m comfortable saying that these kits are relatively impervious to heat (at least our meal kit delivery company is).

What’s In a Meal Kit Meal Box?

There is obviously variability from one meal kit provider to the next; however, the general model for food box subscription companies is to deliver a medium-sized box once-per-week with 2-4 meals packaged individually inside.  (With the meat products located in a separate, cooled section).

Recipes and step-by-step illustrated instructions accompany each product.  I feel that I am the perfect test case for how good these instructions are given that I previously as limited to making eggs, basic pasta dishes, and grilling/frying meat when it came to my culinary skill set.  Aside from some early learning pains about what “medium heat” or “small bowl” consisted of, it was a very gentle learning curve. The only meal I have screwed up in seven months was a flaky pastry concoction that still tasted good, it just didn’t get light and fluffy because I mistimed a couple of steps.  That’s roughly a 99% success rate!

I will also admit that for a kitchen newbie like myself, the promised cook times are “stretch goals” to aim for, as opposed to hard-and-fast rules.  A meal that claims to take 30-minutes to prep, often takes me 45 minutes. Mind you, that’s starting the clock when I think to myself, “Hey it’s time to make supper,” to “Supper’s ready!”  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that someone that who has mastered the dark arts of kitchen craft could prepare a meal 30%+ faster than yours truly.

Some meal kit delivery services specialize in vegetarian options or gluten-free recipes.  I personally was not interested in going exclusively in those directions; however, I’m happy to say that we now eat vegetarian at least once a week.  It makes me healthier and helps me feel better about the whole environmental impact thing. Plus – I kid you not – my favourite recipe so far has been a veggie lentil bake!  If you had told me beforehand that I’d love a meal with the word “lentil” in it, you would have gotten quite a confused look.

The Best Meal Kit Companies in Canada: A Closer Look

Here are the details on the top meal kit delivery options in Canada, including the one we use.  Exclusive promo offer codes are on their way!

Hello Fresh Review

The meal kit service subscription that my wife and I enjoy is none other than the world-giant Hello Fresh.  As the biggest company in the world of meal kits, Hello Fresh can leverage its logistics experience on several continents to get the best-tasting goods to your door.  Their Canadian options start at just over $10 per serving, and include a family plan, the “Pronto Plan” which promises, “pre-cut, pre-measured ingredients in delicious meals ready in 30 minutes or less,” and is available in 2- or 4-person quantities, as well as the exclusively veggie plan option.

Started eight years ago in Germany, Hello Fresh arrived on Canadian shores in 2016.  Canadian CEO Ian Brooks has stated that he believes he can deliver fresh food to dinner tables nearly a week fresher than the top-end supermarkets.  The basic idea is that by purchasing in bulk and cutting out the middleman, Hello Fresh can get products to your dinner table much faster than the current norm.  

If you’re in a suburban or rural setting, you’ll be happy to note that Hello Fresh is available to 95% of Canadian households!  I know several people that I’ve recommended the service to were stunned that they could get meals delivered to their doors “in the sticks”.

Hello Fresh has clearly refined their overall product as they’ve expanded around the world over the last decade.  Their app is seamless and makes choosing next week’s an enjoyable 90-second, 4-click experience. Over the course of our seven-month subscription, we’ve seen 7-10 meal options repeated.  (Uncoincidentally, those options were some of our favourites, and are probably featured in the rotation due to their popularity.)

A cool note about Hello Fresh is that they are establishing a freezer bag recycling program, which makes me feel slightly less guilty about the amount of individual packaging I’ve used to make these meals.

Chef’s Plate Review

After starting in Toronto in 2014, Chef’s Plate has sought to differentiate itself from the crowd by offering 15-minute meals (much quicker than even other meal box subscription companies), as well as being able to completely customize your own food box.

With Hello Fresh recently acquiring Chef’s Plate, two theories appear to have emerged amongst the internet’s “foody experts”.

1) The Hello Fresh supply chain advantage will allow Chef’s Plate to source food inputs for cheaper.  Plus, their existing delivery capability will be able to bring Chef’s Plate to more households than ever before.

2) Chef’s Plate used to be unique.  Now… not so much.

The jury remains out as far as long-term diagnosis, but what we know for sure is that Chef’s Plate grew ridiculously quickly within Canada, and that Hello Fresh has not announced plans to change the current company structure much, beyond bringing obvious cost-cutting synergies into play.

Good Food Review

Billings itself as “Canada’s #1 Meal Kit Company”, Good Food currently brings it’s unique brand of meal kits to British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

As a homegrown company that started in Montreal in 2014, Good Food is a feel good Canadian story.  Co-Founder Jonathon Ferrari is on the record as saying that, “We’re trying to be the Netflix of Food,” – which is a pretty cool tagline!

Good Food is priced quite similarly to Hello Fresh, and offers a similar assortment of options.  The Easy Prep Basket options starts at just under $11, the Classic Basket goes as low as $10 per serving, and the Family Basket provides a dinner serving for as low as $8.75.

Prepd Review – Toronto’s Meal Kit Company

By specializing as a Toronto-only meal kit delivery service, Prepd hopes to leverage it’s relatively small geographic range, into a budget-friendly option for Canada’s biggest city.  Prepd allows you to choose meal options for 1-4 people, up to 5x per week.

In much the same manner as Hello Fresh, Prepd arrives at your door and purports to take roughly 30 minutes to cook.

One cool and unique aspect to Prepd is that they deliver on Sundays and will call ahead to make sure that you are home to accept the delivery.  It also offers a one-serving trial option that I have yet to see from Canada’s other leading meal kit delivery companies.

Fresh City Farms

You might have seen this Canadian meal kit delivery company on CBC’s popular Dragon’s Den series. (They didn’t get the deal that they were looking for with the Dragons citing an aggressive valuation, low margins, and intense competition.)

Fresh City Farms is slightly different than the other meal kit delivery companies in that it is almost more of a “healthy food delivery company” than a pure meal kit play.  So, while they do make meal kits, you can also order a variety of other health-conscious “Whole Food-sy” options.

The claim to fame for Fresh City Farms is that they are locally sourced, and that they are the most environmentally friendly meal kit deliverer.  As of right now they only deliver within Toronto and sometimes deliver on bikes. One example of their focus on sustainability is the fact that food is delivered in tote bags as opposed to cardboard boxes, and then are picked up after.

Founder Ran Goel Has stated the their kits contain, “almost 100 percent organic” ingredients.

If you live in Toronto and prize locally-sourced produce, it’s definitely worth giving these folks a look!

Miss Fresh Review

The last of our major Canadian meal kit delivery companies, Miss Fresh represents a unique option in that they are what happens when a major Canadian grocer decides to dip their toe in the meal kit business.  While Miss Fresh was founded in 2014 by Bernard Prevost, Ritter Huang, and Marie-Ève Prevost, a majority share was purchased by Metro grocery stores in August 2017.

While still based out of Montreal (Metro Inc. is also a Quebec-based company), Miss Fresh does deliver throughout Canada.

One unique area where Miss Fresh shines is in their snack and breakfast options.  My guess is that this is just repackaging Metro grocery options, but hey, more options are good!

With both vegetarian and omnivore-friendly options available, and a wide range of meals to choose from, Miss Fresh is an impressive competitor.  With the purchasing power and deep pockets of a major grocer behind them, Miss Fresh is likely to be a force within Quebec, and possibly across Canada.

Are Canadian Food Box Subscriptions Worth It?

Ultimately, only you can decide if the massive increase in ease and convenience are worth the increased cost when it comes to meal kits.  Personally, you can obviously tell from this article that I’m a fan. It allows my wife and I to more equally share cooking duties, it gives us access to meals we would never consider otherwise, and best of all: I don’t have to think about planning dinner until the second I’m ready to start cooking!  With so many Canadian meal kit companies willing to let you try their service for free, what do you have to lose?

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