Why University is the Perfect Time and Place to Reinvent Yourself

Are you familiar with the concept of reinventing yourself? It’s a common idea when you get to a rough spot in life. The idea is to change certain important behaviors, with the expectation that those changes lead to a better life. When you are a university student, there’s sometimes a tendency to put important decisions and activities off until after graduation. After all, right now you’re tied up with your studies and with school life, and there will be plenty of time for everything else that you want to do after graduation.

But as the saying goes, timing is everything, and you’ll generally find that the earlier you make important decisions, the more positive the affect will be on the rest of your life. For this reason, university is the perfect time and place to reinvent yourself.

What are some areas where you might want to reinvent yourself as a university student?

Reinvent Yourself As A Student

If you’ve never been entirely pleased with your performance as a student, university may be your last, best chance to change that situation. After all, once you’re out, there’s not much percentage in being a better student.

Or is there?

reinvent yourselfOne of the often unappreciated aspects of reinventing yourself is that life is largely all about habits. Positive habits will produce positive results, and negative habits will take you in the other direction. The positive changes that you make right now will ultimately create a better life later.

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Even if you’re in your junior or senior year it’s still not too late to reinvent yourself as a better student. There are three important points to consider in this regard:

  1. There’s still time to improve your grade point average – and potential employers will pay close attention to this.
  2. What you learn in your junior and senior years at university will have the greatest impact on increasing your knowledge base for your upcoming entry into the career world. It is also your last chance to learn anything you may have missed up to this point.
  3. You won’t stop learning once you graduate; for this reason it is important to be a good student for the rest of your life – the more that you can learn throughout your life, the more successful you will be.

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MMFBT 020 – What To Consider If You’ve Considering University

We’re very pleased to welcome back to the podcast Dr. Ken Coates from the University of Saskatchewan.  This is our first time inviting a guest to join us for a second time and the reasoning behind the bro-mance is because I think so highly of the material that Dr. Coates and his partner in crime Bill Morrison are putting out there.  They are two of the only authors out there today (besides yours truly of course) that are writing for an exclusively Canadian audience, and that have a realistic outlook on the Canadian post-secondary scene.  It’s refreshing to talk to someone who argues with actual facts and realism, instead of the usual spin-doctoring and insane theory that we are used to getting from most people that exist in the ivory tower of universities.

Get The Book

The More Money for Beer and Textbooks PodcastDr. Coates and Dr. Morrison recently released the aptly-named book, “What to Consider when Considering University,” that all Canadian kids and their parents should be pick up as a companion to More Money for Beer and Textbooks – A Financial Guide for Today’s Canadian Student.  It’s a very accessible book that gives the straight goods on what to expect the world of post-secondary education to look like in Canada today.  Don’t be intimidated by the academic qualifications for the authors (as impressive as they are), this book is articulately written, but the authors certainly don’t go out of their way to prove how smart they are with ten-dollar words and 33 footnotes per page.

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Not Sure What to Do After Graduation? Try Freelancing

Lots of students graduate from university, still not 100% sure what it is they want to do career-wise. Sometimes you have early success, and the first job that you take then defines the career path that you will follow. Many other times however, the career path zigzags, and it may be some time before you know exactly what you’ll be doing. If you’re not sure what to do after graduation, you might want to try freelancing.

There are a number of reasons why freelancing should be considered as an option:

There’s Not Always a Job Waiting at Graduation

Not Sure What to Do After GraduationThe job market has become much more selective than it once was, and it’s not at all unusual for university graduates to have difficulty finding employment. This is especially true following graduation, since the market is usually at least somewhat glutted with new graduates looking for jobs. The situation is even more competitive if the economy is in recession, and job simply aren’t available.

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If you can’t get a job immediately after graduation, freelancing may help to fill void. It will give you an opportunity to work in your desired career field – at least in some capacity, however limited – and that may help you to generate income while you’re looking for something permanent.Continue Reading

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