Why You Always Carry Your Student ID On You

When people talk about living the student lifestyle, most people automatically flash to a scene of Kraft Dinner and stale beer (hey that’s not a bad Tuesday er… Friday night right?). In order to take full advantage of the status of “living like a student” keeping your student ID on you is a must. Yes I know the picture sucks, and you may have put on a little weight since you were 17-years old. It’s all good, get over it. Your student ID is your ticket to subtly tell everyone from restaurant owners to retail outlets that you are poor and want their help. Almost all of the places around a student campus will offer some sort of student discount merely for showing up with your little piece of plastic.

You Lost It Again?

Students are notorious for losing everything (what else are Sunday mornings for but tracking down where you left everything the night before – including your dignity?) so one cool trick I learned while in residence was to take a hole punch and punch the part of your card that did not include your picture, key information, or most importantly the magnetic strip. If you kept your card and a jump drive on your lanyard at all times you were good to go. Sure, you might look a little dorky, but just get one with skulls on “Tapout” or whatever on it if you’re that insecure ;) Either that, or stick it in your wallet and try damn hard not to lose your wallet (also known as the traditionalist approach).

Coupons… Not Exactly Bringing Sexy Back

I’m not a big fan of coupons (and yet I help run a personal finance site… yes I’m tall, dark, and full of mysterious contradictions ladies), but presenting your student card is so easy even I can manage it. I always had to laugh at these companies that would get together and present us with this book of coupons upon arriving for our first day in residence. You know who uses coupons? People who are ultra-organized and place a high priority on saving small amounts of money as they realize the long-term benefits of following a plan. What student in their right mind fits that description?! Sure, there were absolutely some great deals to be had in those books, and I think I even used a couple of them, but more often than not they would end up stagnating on the dusty shelf where good intentions go to die. Simply carrying your card around seems like a much more viable alternative to recommend to most students I know.

I’m Uh In My Final Year of Law… Or Is It Medicine?

Perhaps the best part about owning a student card is the fact that no one takes it away from you when you get your degree. I had a couple of years in between my Bachelors of Education degree, and when I got my new student card for my Masters of Education Degree. You better believe I’m still on a student phone plan. So what if the guy on my card looks like a defensive back, and the dude in the mirror is closer to a defensive end, the picture is blurry anyway! Sometimes it’s best not to overthink this whole saving money thing, just keep the card with you and ask about any student discounts. If you feel awkward about it, just tip the waitress the difference, trust me – she’ll appreciate it.

Now if only they had a student discount or cash back program at the liquor/beer store… that would have been an investment plan I could have gotten behind while in my undergraduate years!

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My husband had to go to community college for a work-related training course a few years ago, and you can BET we capitalized on his student ID! We went to the movie theater more during that semester than we had during our entire first five years of marriage!

11 years ago

One of the best reasons to carry it is so that you can attend your classes, check your research experiments and not have a reaction go too long and explode because you were kicked off of campus. During the occupy protests, campus security kicked people off campus and did not allow people onto campus without their ID.

11 years ago

My husband is thinking about going back to school, and all I was thinking was “Yes! We’ll have a student ID for discounts again!”. Hahahaha:).

11 years ago

Yup, you know you’re a personal finance writer when…

11 years ago
Reply to  Koala

That is another solid point/reason.

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