Why Give It Away?

So why spend dozens of hours of my life putting together an eBook on ETF investing – and then give it away?  Purely out of the goodness of my heart of course :) No, in all seriousness, a large part of the motivation to do this eBook was the fact that I want to offer great value to the readers of My University Money and keep them coming back for more.  I would also be lying if I said I wasn’t after a certain (extremely moderate amount) authority and prestige that comes with writing an eBook.

There is also a monetary incentive.  While I might make a few bucks off of the affiliate deals within the book, I highly doubt it will be much.  They are not all that prominent, and there aren’t very many of them.  The bigger picture is where I eventually hope to make some money.  I’ve already had several readers email us and ask about specific types of ETF investing.  One person has wanted a primer on dividend ETFs for example, while another was looking specifically at REIT ETFs, and still others were looking for information on USA or Canada ETFs in particular.  The goal is to get enough people to download our free eBook on ETF investing that I can conduct some small-scale market survey work and find out what people want to read about it – and then give it to them!  It sounds simple, but I think it is a solid game plan.  After all, people should be more willing to shell out a few bucks if it something they are really interested in learning about right?  The topic is so large, and with so many niches, that I think there is a lot of room for more specific forays into the realm of exchange traded funds.

 Download Our eBook Here

In talking with some of the first people that have downloaded the book, I decided that it would be beneficial to also reveal the table of contents of the book in addition to the chapter I released on Monday.  The eBook is roughly 25,000 words long (it’s not as long as that number looks I promise) and takes readers step-by-step through the process of using ETFs in your portfolio.  I begin with some of the eye-catching benefits to ETF investing, explain why I believe I can tell you “what time it is” as the kids say and compare ETFs to stock picking and mutual funds.  I then give you an inside peak at my current portfolio, as well as where I hope to end up one day.  Finally, I am upfront with some of the potential drawbacks to the strategy and give a short easy-to-follow guide that shows you how to get your ETF investing account all set up.

Here is the aforementioned TOC for ETF Investing: Low Maintenance and Stellar Returns

Chapter 1: How Can I Make You $248,484.92, While You Chill On Your Couch

Chapter 2: My Story

Chapter 3: What the Heck is an ETF?

Chapter 4: Why Most People Can’t Beat The Average and Why You Shouldn’t Try

Chapter 5: Why ETFs Kick Mutual Funds’ Butt!

Chapter 6: What ETFs Belong In My (or your) Portfolio

Chapter 7: Exotic ETFs

Chapter 8: Potential Drawbacks of ETF Investing and How To Minimize Them

Chapter 9: Getting Started With ETFs In 99 Minutes or Less

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Congrats on finishing the eBook. :-) I think your strategy is very smart and will give you the information you need. Not to mention the amazing resource you’re providing to your readers.

12 years ago

I think you are providing a wonderful resource and that it will lead to great opportunities for you.

Giving things away usually comes back to you! Downloading now!

12 years ago

So you are a businessman who is presently conducting market research. Even though, I am quite sure regarding your success, but I will keep a watch on you. As for now, please excuse me : have got to download your book.

12 years ago

I understand how time intensive an eBook release is.

Congratulations and thanks for giving it away! I will mention on both of my blogs.

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