Why Am I Writing An eBook?

In the last couple months I have watched several bloggers who are much more established than myself work extremely hard to put out high-quality eBooks, and then watch as their efforts have appeared mostly in vain.  I have seen them get frustrated by the whole process, and have read their articles about how difficult it is to publish a successful eBook.  So why in the world would I decide to try my hand at an eBook you might ask?  Here are five reasons:

1) I Love a Good Challenge!

Writing articles and interacting with personal finances bloggers around the web is definitely a rewarding experience.  Nine months ago, it was all I could do to keep up with everything, and get used to the rhythm that accompanies blogging.  Now, I feel I have a pretty good handle on producing content that people want to read, and I have even started staff writing for a couple of other places.  While I enjoy becoming competent (hopefully “good” isn’t too much of a stretch) at something, I miss the adrenaline rush that comes with taking on a completely new challenge and having to learn new skills.  For me, this is what an eBook represents.  The only writings tasks I have ever taken on of comparable magnitude to this in the past have been education-related, and a much different “kettle of fish.”  I want to be able to say that there is nothing I can’t do as a writer, and in order to do that I have to experiment and challenge myself.

2) Bring Some Legitimacy To Our Website

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The book will be based around an investment topic (to be revealed in the near future) and our hope is that this will show people that what we have to say is worth listening to.  It will be an excellent product to show off on our site and will hopefully increase our readership base once people realize that we do our homework and know our stuff here at My University Money.  The other main consideration as far as marketing our site, is that hopefully it will help get us noticed by some of the “big players” on the financial blogging scene.

3) It Forces Me To Become an Expert On The Topic

If you’re going to put yourself out there as an authority on a topic, you had better know your stuff.  I think I had a pretty good idea about the specific investment arena that I’m focusing on before starting the eBook, but as I have researched the topic and refined my stance, I definitely came across some cool information, and clarified some items I was not sure about.  It’s tough to place a value on how important this investing knowledge might be considering I am a fairly young investor with a long investment window, but there is no doubt in my mind the return will be pretty substantial!

4) Shows My Writing and Financial Chops

Since I have started doing some freelance writing for other people I have been thinking about how to market myself.  What better way to prove that I personally can hold my own when it comes to investment topics, and writing in general, than creating an original eBook?  I love the idea that I can refer people to something that I have authored, and have that document lead to many new and exciting (maybe lucrative?) opportunities!  I am especially cognisant of the fact that I don’t have any financial certifications, and consequently I have no convenient way to prove my knowledge base.  When this eBook is released, it should will help me feel more confident, and shore up any doubt that other people in the industry, as well as my readers, have about my knowledge base and skill set.

5) It Should Honestly Help People

If I didn’t feel like this eBook was going to help people I wouldn’t be writing it.  As someone who is has no “insider” financial education, as well as someone who works in a profession that involves communicating concepts to others that are trying (in theory anyway) to learn them, I am in a unique position to write about investing strategies.  It is often difficult to write “the perfect investment article” because your reader demographic can be so broad.  How can you write an article that appeals to the investing veterans that are on the prowl for a new insight or strategy, while at the same time remaining relevant to investing newbies who are taking their first tentative steps into the huge world of investing?  It’s a tough line to walk, but I think that effective communication of a broad concept like the one I’m tackling is a good start.  I believe my background should help me do this fairly naturally.

The other main reason it should help people is because I guarantee it is a great value!  How can I guarantee great value you ask?  Well because the price will be $0.00.  That’s right, after putting in dozens of hours of work I’m going to give my product away.  You will notice that in my five main reasons for writing this eBook, there was no: Profits, money, cold hard cash, or financial incentive.  Certainly some of the spin-offs to upping my online presence will help us going forward, but I honestly just wanted to test myself and help others in the process.  I figure the best way to accomplish these goals and get the most feedback in order to improve myself is to offer the new resource for free!

Stay tuned for follow up posts in the near future about the official title and topic of my eBook, as well as the big release date!  Hopefully this energy and motivation surge will continue to give me the boost I need.

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12 years ago

Good luck on this endeavor! I’ve thought about it before, and I think I would hate to do one knowing me. Maybe when I’m retired!

12 years ago

Awesome! Can’t wait to read it :)

12 years ago

Although there is a book in me, I think it is a ways off. I tried years ago and stopped after a chapter. Maybe I will try again! Good luck.

12 years ago

Good luck writing your book. It sounds like a big project. I have considered it but will be working on other things for now.

12 years ago

Good idea to give the ebook away for free. If your goal is about exposure, that will definitely help.

Can I guess the investment topic? Is it the Smith Manoeuvre?

12 years ago

Thought about doing an eBook too, but my sanity is more important. Some great points to doing one though. Good Luck!

12 years ago

Well if it turns out to be so good, consider marketing it as a Private Label Rights eBook. That way you will get a passive slice of other people’s marketing expertise. WIth PLR people can re-author, rebrand, edit or whatever but you need to put a floor on the price they charge so they can’t give it away.

Investment is one of the rages these days…. Good luck! We’ll keep an eye on it!

12 years ago

Good luck with your ebook. I wish you best of luck. I know it requires a lot of time and energy to create a useful ebook. I will definitely download it from you and read it when you are done. Good luck.

Best of luck with your new challenge. I think you will do it with flying colours. Your writing is great. I admire the time commitment.

12 years ago

Writing an ebook is on my to-do list. Best of luck with yours!

12 years ago
Reply to  krantcents

The same problem…Maybe it’s not possible for me to write article longer than 800 words:(

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