When Should You Go Back to School?

One question many people face today is when should they go back to school. Some earn an associate’s degree and never find the time to go back to school. Others take different career or trade paths and are looking to get back into school to earn an advanced degree such as bachelor degrees.

Depending on your life situation your choice on when to go back to school may vary. For a single mother, it may be difficult to get back on your feet without the needed support or financial backing. If you have the time to delay school, a great time to get started is when your child is old enough for elementary school. Many educational programs offer day time and evening courses which would work great for mothers who have to work overnight or during the day. Obviously planning with your courses and your child’s schedule will be a limiting factor but with perseverance to earn your degree nothing can stop you.

For other people whom just want to advance in their field it may be a very smart move to earn another degree.

Is It Time For An MBA?

Not sure what to major in? Western International Univ offers many different degree programs ranging from an Accountancy certification program to Accounting and Business bachelor degrees to an Accounting MBA.

It may be challenging to get back on your feet, especially in today’s economy but you must do what you can to make it work.

To successfully advance in your field or in your career you can follow some of these steps to get you where you want to go:

1) First, you want to search for a school that features your career or field choice. Some factors that may limit your choices, such as tuition and fees, traveling expenses, and school activities. When you finally choose at least three schools to prospectively attend apply to their programs and patiently await for their decision letters.

2) When you have received your acceptance letter, make the best possible choice that fits best with you life situation and move forward. If you are eligible for Federal Financial Aid be sure to apply to the bursaries your school offers. You can also check out how you can find scholarships and bursaries and how to apply for them.  Read Bridgette’s story on how she was awarded this massive scholarship.

3) Once the business aspect is taken care of you will be able to meet with your advisor and s/he will be able to schedule you for the courses you need to earn your degree.

A year to four years later you will be walking out with the degree you rightfully earned.

Rick James is online writer who likes to blog on education, finance, business, and investment. For more writing by Rick you can check some of the posts ontheeducationupdate.com

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I kind of did things backward. I earned a BA in Psychology first but then went back after 10 years at home with the kids to get a ‘data processing’ associates degree. It worked out well for me.

11 years ago

Interesting education path Marie. Glad you have found it to be an effective combination.

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