MMFBT 001 – The More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast

No longer will your favorite bloggers be forever limited to the written word!  The More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast is ready to hit the airwaves.

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We’re here to soothe you with the silky smooth tones of personal finance sensuality… Ok, so maybe we aren’t that good, but we now have a podcast – and that’s pretty badass.  I mean for a couple of guys who aren’t getting on the pages of GQ anytime soon hearing yourself introduced as a “radio personality” is about as ego-inflating and narcissistic dream-satisfying as you can get right?

What the Heck is a Podcast?

If you’re not into podcasts you’re missing out.  Think of a podcast as all the best parts of radio, without all the time schedules, commercials, and random crap you don’t want to listen to.  The idea is that someone produces a piece of verbal media (although there are some “visual podcasts” coming out now – I’m not sure how these are different from YouTube clips, but there you go) and then others can download it and listen to it anytime at their leisure.

The More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast
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Our podcasts will always be available to listen to on your computer from this site, but perhaps the easiest way of checking us out regularly would be to go to our iTunes listing  and subscribe to our feed.  This is relatively straight forward if you simply follow the directions iTunes gives you.  After you subscribe, your device will automatically download our newest episode without you having to do anything.  Personally, I plug in my iPhone whenever I get stuck with the dishes or on a long drive – the Canadian prairie is picturesque, but a little bit repetitive.

The First Time Is Always Special

In our inaugural episode we try to warm you all up a little bit with a little light-hearted banter and gentle flirting.  In other words, we blather on about ourselves for a little while and talk about what the show will look like in the weeks to come.

Justin and I also struggle through our recording and editing debut, so please bear with us as we get the kinks figured out.  I can say with a fair degree of confidence that we’ve already gotten quite a bit better just in the few sessions we’ve recorded so far, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

What Is This Podcast Going to Be About?

We’ll here’s what our iTunes description says:

Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard – authors of the critically acclaimed More Money for Beer and Textbooks – A Financial Guide for Today’s Canadian Student – take their act to podcast land so that they can further help today’s Canadian youth and their parents navigate the world of post-secondary education.  Before Kyle and Justin became published authors and two of Canada’s leading personal finance bloggers they were just a couple young guys away from home trying to get through university without drowning in debt.  Now they want to share their tips for how they managed to graduate debt-free and smoothly transition into rewarding careers.  Kyle and Justin discuss the current post-secondary climate with many of Canada’s leading financial minds, including the Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick, The Toronto Star’s Ellen Roseman, TED Talk-giver and TV Personality Preet Banerjee, and Mike Holman who is the author of The RESP Book.  The More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast will include updated information on student loan applications, student credit cards, student housing options, comparing college and university course offerings, scholarships, paying back your student debt, current labour market trends and career opportunities, as well as lighter topics such as how to brew your own beer and which discount beer gives you the most bang for your buck.  

Here’s the real deal:

We’re going to talk about stuff that we didn’t have room to put in our book or stuff we want to go into more than a blog post’s worth of detail about.  The best reason to listen to The More Money for Beer and Textbooks podcast is that we will be talking to people who are recognized professionals in their fields and asking them the questions that are important to you.  Plus, it’s worth re-mentioning that you can listen to us whenever is convenient for you so you don’t have to be available at a certain time (it’s not like my weekends revolve around being in front of a TV for Game of Thrones and/or Mad Men or anything like that…).

Help Us Help You

Please leave us any feedback or suggestions you might have.  Any reviews we receive on iTunes will be a great help to us and we can’t thank you enough for taking 5 minutes out of your busy schedule to give us a hand with that if you so choose.  If you are interested in coming on the podcast either as an expert on a certain topic matter, or as someone with some questions you want help with we’re certainly open to hearing what you have to say – just shoot an email through our contact page.

Finally, if you’re looking for a new drinking game you could always try taking a swig every time Justin or I stutters, mumbles, or otherwise sounds like a couple of first-timers – don’t blame us for the resulting state of affairs however!  And while I joke about our relative lack of radio experience, I should also state that the content of the podcast is absolutely first class and guaranteed to help you Canadian youths on campuses everywhere.

Right click here to download the episode

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Terry Falk
9 years ago

I was interested in your podcast, but I was actually looking for some more on Canadian Investing. Do you have any recommendations for me in that area of interest? You have had some advice on investing, but I would like more of that info. I will continue to listen to you material, since I have a son in college, but I need a bit more for my own personal growth. Please help….!

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