The Best of Money Carnival #151 – The Gentleman’s Rant Edition

Welcome to the Best Of Money Carnival!

This week we decided to give a nice spin on the carnival by adding a few of “The Gentleman’s Rant” in. I stumbled on these guys on YouTube and had a great laugh so I wanted to share with everyone else.

Editors note: Some of the videos might might be slightly offensive. We take no credit or responsibility for their views.

Editors Pick

This weeks winner goes to Boomer And Echo!

Boomer presents Why Baby Boomers Aren’t Prepared For Retirement posted at Boomer & Echo, saying,

There’s been a lot of speculation recently about why baby boomers are so unprepared for retirement. It’s said that more than half do not have enough savings and will have to rely entirely on social programs.

Best Of the Rest (In No Particular Order)

Balance Junkie asks, Does the Economy Matter? saying, a weakening economy is never fun, but you shouldn’t necessarily run to the safety of fixed income. That could be more risky than stocks.

The New Ipad Rant

Have you ever thought about moving to save you money? The Intelligent Speculator asks the question.

A great article from One Cent At A Time giving advice on What To Carry and not to Carry in your Wallet, saying, here are a few things you must carry in wallet to satisfy essential needs and things you shouldn’t carry to protect ID theft and loss with a list I carry in my wallet always.

Matt presents Budgeting for Beginners: How to Get Started posted at Living in Financial Excellence, saying, your first budget can be very intimidating. If you’ve never attempted one before, it’s often overwhelming just figuring out where to start. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The budgeting process is actually pretty simple in theory. The good news is, it’s simple in practice too.


Shaun presents Should Families Buy a House or Rent an Apartment: When Renting Is Better Than Buying posted at Smart Family, saying while I’m confident that most bloggers and everyday people are losing money by renting for lifetime, I cannot deny that renting can be the better financial decision. Today, I want to cover the circumstances where renting will save you money.

A Blinkin presents How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Quicker posted at Funancials, saying, I just told you that I Don’t Want To Be Debt Free and now I’m going to tell you how to pay off your mortgage quicker, how does that make sense? I do so because personal finance is personal. I would never give the same advice to everybody.

Robert presents Should You Accept Money from Your Parents? posted at The College Investor, saying, under what conditions should you accept money from your parents? There are some positives and negatives to accepting money from your parents.


Glen Craig presents 6 Audit Red Flags the IRS Uses to Choose Which Returns to Audit posted at Free From Broke, saying, no one looks forward to an audit. But did you know there are things on your return that could be an audit red flag? See some audit red flags and why they could trigger an audit.

Teacher Man presents Dual Citizens and Double Taxation posted at Canadian Finance Blog, saying, dual citizens in Canada are subject to double taxation because the USA taxes people based on their citizenship and not their residency status.

That’s all for this week! Be sure to submit to The Best Of Money Carnival for next week at Financial Success for Young Adults. click here to do so.

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11 years ago

Thanks for the editor’s pick! Now, time to go get me an iPad.

11 years ago

Thanks so much for including our audit article!

11 years ago

Thanks for hosting this week!

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