Should I Move to the USA for Better Employment Opportunities?

In recent years, it has become a popular debate as to whether the United States has a stronger job market for young adults/college students than Canada. What is important to remember is that the United States has more larger cities than Canada, which does impact the diverse industries and opportunities available for young adults/college students. Additionally, the larger size and population of the United States, combined with its diverse landscape, has made the country quite wealthy. The wealth of the United States has created many potential employment opportunities for young adults/college students that are a great way to gain professional experience and save earnings. Consider the conversation below when deciding whether relocating to the United States from Canada is the right professional decision.

The Employment Market in Canada vs. the USA

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The United States has a very lucrative employment market currently. There are several industries that have great opportunities for college students/young adults to gain valuable experience across the United States.

When considering whether the United States is a viable place to relocate to from Canada for employment, it is important to consider the average salaries in different education levels of the United States. For example, the average annual salary for service workers is $28,028 and the average salary for management or corporate positions is $64,220 per year. This makes the national average salary to be $44,564 per year. In terms of social benefits, the key to receiving those will be the visa status of the worker and the policies of the particular employer. It is not uncommon for American firms to offer paid medical insurance, vacation, 401k contributions, sick leave or company stock options in certain cases.

If you are seriously thinking of moving to the US for better employment, it is also important to consider which is the best way to transfer your salary back to Canada, if needed, or receive funds from your family to help you financially. The ordinary (and expensive) way to transfer your money is using your bank, which will probably charge you for transfer fees and a commission for the currency exchange. If you do a small research on this topic you will find that there are different safe ways to do it, for instance, international money transfer companies. The use of those companies is increasing rapidly across the US, especially in the big states. Companies like afex might be a safe and cheap way to transfer your money internationally. Money transfer companies usually take no fees (or a very small one compared to banks) and have highly competitive currency exchange rates.

When deciding where to live and work in the United States, it is also essential to be aware of which cities are known for which employment sectors. Cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York City are best for professional services firms, particularly in the financial sector. In terms of Health Care, Boston and Phoenix are the major cities. For Construction, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta are major hubs. For Computer Programming and the IT sector, the areas surrounding San Francisco and Washington D.C. are the key employers in the industry. For government contracting opportunities, Washington D.C. and Miami have many opportunities.

Generally speaking, there is a skilled labor shortage in the United States in certain professional service sectors such as: Accounting; however, there is also a shortage of skilled Nurses, IT experts, and Engineers. Many of the employers in these two particular fields offer generous signing bonuses to prospective employees.

Does it Make Sense to Move Over from Canada for Employment?

When deciding whether it is a wise decision to relocate to the United States for employment, it is important to consider your target employment industry, average salaries, and the strict immigration policy of the United States. For Canadians, there are benefits as Canada does have close ties to the United States in many sectors. What is important to realize is that American employers have a burden of demonstrating how a foreign employee would contribute and have a skillset that is different from other American citizens. Firms that are in the IT sector, for example, easily get employment visas since their area of expertise is quite specific and difficult to find amongst many Americans. When trying to figure out where your skillset fits into what the American employers are looking for, it is important to consider which industries are catered to which cities. The part that is ideal about the United States is that there are a vast array of choices available for Canadians that are looking to relocate to another country for employment.

Final Remarks on the Subject

The United States does have great salaries and a high quality of life to offer to individuals considering working there from other countries. Where Canadians do have an advantage when taking young professional positions is that they may not have the same student loan burden that many American citizens do. For this reason, the average high salary goes quite far, particularly in cities such as Houston or Atlanta. If you are trying to figure out whether it is the right choice to relocate to the United States, analyze your industry, education level, location in the United States where there may be a shortage in your industry, and the cost of living to salary ratio in that city. Once you are able to make that calculation, you will be able to determine if you will be able to get financially ahead by pursuing employment in the United States and if the answer is yes, it is highly recommended to consider relocating to the United States from Canada for work as a next valuable step in your career.

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5 years ago

Thank you for this article, I agree with you, going to the US can be a great a step in your career growth.

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