Part-time Jobs Where You Can Study

Many university students need extra money, but it can be tough to manage if it cuts into your study time. The way to handle that is looking into part-time jobs where you can study. There are a few out there – if you know where to look.

Security Guard

This is a job I held during my university years and it not only helped financially, but it also helped me get through school! As a security guard, you’re on location primarily for emergency situations and for insurance purposes (insurance companies charge lower property insurance premiums to building owners if the building is guarded off hours).

Part-time Jobs Where You Can Study
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There is a lot of down time, and you can spend the hours doing your homework while earning a paycheck. In fact, most of the other people I worked with as a security guard were also university students studying for school. For me, it was like getting paid to study, and that’s a real motivation.

All kinds of buildings need security guards, including hospitals, some schools, warehouses, commercial buildings and shipping yards. Some of the facilities hire security guards directly, while others work with companies that hire guards and send them on assignment to the various properties. Check the web for security guard companies in your area, or directly through the classified ads. It is possible (and even likely) that your school is also in need of security guards, and that will eliminate a commuting problem too.

On Campus Jobs

There are usually jobs available on campus at your university, and if you’re a student at the school, there may be an understanding that it will involve some ability to study. Examples can include being a front desk attendant or manning an information center somewhere on campus.

Even if such jobs do not explicitly allow you to study, there may be a sufficient amount of downtime that will allow you to study. Much like security guard positions, schools may be keeping these jobs filled primarily to have someone available at a post just in case someone needs information or direction. There may be little concern for what it is that you do occupy your time during quiet periods, and that will open up the possibility of study.

Working In A Small Quiet Retail Shop

There may be small shops in the immediate area that are looking for people to be available and on staff. There may be relatively little traffic or customer base, but as long as the store is open they will need someone on site to be available to help customers. Since you are living in a university community, it may be understood by the business owner that you will be able to study during quiet times.

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Small, independently owned businesses are your best chance here. Since they are locally owned and operated, there may be no arbitrary rules preventing you from studying as time is available. This can include small bookstores, clothing stores and especially Laundromats. The establishments simply need someone on site to be available just in case. There is not an overwhelming flow of people, and plenty of quiet time to study.

You can try looking into some large chain type operations and franchises, but it is unlikely they will openly permit studying on the job. Corporate owned businesses tend to frown on such activity by employees, and likely monitor for such a possibility with various security systems. Even if a manager will allow you to study, there is more than a remote chance that someone back at “home office” considers it to be a firing offense.

The Library

Libraries can be great places to work and to study at the same time. They’re the very types of establishments that mostly need to have people on staff just in case anyone has a problem or question. And since they are also quiet places – having resources conducive to studying – they can be perfect jobs for students.

Naturally, you should start with the library in your own school. Failing that, you can try a local public library, or even one located at a local elementary or high school.

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Tutoring offers you the opportunity to study “on-the-job”, even if it doesn’t provide paid quiet time for direct study. If the subjects you are tutoring are related to what you are studying yourself – and they usually are – you could be “killing two birds with one stone” either by tutoring another student in that subject, or preparing yourself to be ready do so. While you are teaching that student, you are also in effect studying your own subject matter.

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If nothing else, tutoring typically pays the type of income that will allow you to make decent money without working too many hours. If you do that kind of work, you’ll usually have plenty of money, and plenty of time left over for whatever it is you need to do outside of work – and that includes studying.

In addition to the jobs above, inquire at any job that you might apply for as to whether or not you would be allowed to study at work. Since you are a student – and the job will likely be located in a university town – hiring students who also study on the job could be a common local practice. It never hurts to ask.

What other jobs have you held where you can also study?

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