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Hello Readers! My name is Bridgette Stevenson, I’m seventeen years old, and am currently in the middle of making that much anticipated transition from high school to university! After graduating high school a semester early to have the freedom to do some travelling and make extra money before attending university, I moved from my small rural community to temporarily join my sister in the city during this time.

Growing up on a farm has come with limited opportunity in terms of education including course options, academic challenges, and making strong connections with diverse people. Although I can’t think of a more comfortable environment to grow up in, I am looking forward to the endless options I will have the chance to consider in university. Throughout my years in high school, I always kept busy with extracurricular activities including athletics, student government, volunteering at numerous community events, and enjoyed the lack of competition that allowed me to take on leadership roles. Over the next few years, I hope to continue having fun in these areas of the residence experience while taking on the new academic challenges.

After being fortunate enough to receive a major scholarship for my undergraduate studies at any Canadian university, my small plans have expanded to moving far out of province to make the most out of this incredible opportunity. Although it is far too early to determine a long term career, I am planning to start with a degree in environmental design from the University of British Columbia. I am excited by the first couple years of general studies this degree includes, which will allow me to explore different areas while having the option of coming out with a more career focused base in the area of architecture.

Because everyone has such diverse core beliefs, personalities, and ambitions, I cannot bring myself to seriously take or give advice, but do enjoy opening the possibilities which come from sharing ideas through discussions. I hope some of my writing will help aid in the transition from high school to university, while simultaneously enriching my own experience.

TM: Thanks for taking some time to write for us Bridgette.  While I am technically still a student, I’ve noticed that between JB and I we are having a tough time channelling our inner 17/18 year old selves; consequently we think your perspective as a young student will be invaluable to your peers and their parents.  It has also been not-so-subtly suggested that we should get a female’s perspective here on MUM.  I have to tell you that I will probably sabotage your articles from time to time so that our limited writing skills are not consistently shown up by a freshman!

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Nice! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the blog.

11 years ago

Bridgette – welcome aboard! I think you’ll go far in life – you sound very organized and motivated and are an excellent writer. I look forward to hearing more from you!

11 years ago
Reply to  mycanuckbuck

She really is a great writer eh MCB?

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