MMFBT 026 – How To Own a Half-Million Dollar Home by the Time You’re 31 – With No Mortgage!

Another episode of the More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast and another cool guest to share some unique insights.

Sean Cooper is a professional freelance financial writer and blogger with 5 years’ experience in the financial industry. His areas of expertise include real estate, mortgages, personal finance, pensions, retirement, and financial news. His articles have been featured in major publications, including the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and MoneySense magazine.

We didn’t bring Sean on because he has all of these writing bonafides however, no, we brought him on because he’s got a story I’m not sure I’ve read anywhere else before.  This dude wants to own his own home by the time he’s 31 – in Southern Ontario no less!

I mean, owning my home by the time I am 31 would be sweet, but considering many people have car payments larger than my mortgage payments it wouldn’t be that newsworthy. 

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Sean’s house is a legit home in Canada’s 2nd biggest real estate market and he has cut some interesting corners in order to make his aggressive schedule of payments.

Sean’s approach certainly isn’t for everyone – I know I’m not willing to make some of the sacrifices he has – but it’s somewhat motivating to see what can be accomplished under the right circumstances.

Listen in if you want to hear us ramble about:

  • How in the world someone builds up that sort of home equity by their late 20s.
  • What Income Property and Scott McGillivray have to do with Sean’s story.
  • Tips for making it through school not only debt-free but also coming with a sizeable nest egg with which to put a down payment on a house!
  • Sean’s quest for early financial independence and why it’s so important to him.

As always, any feedback you’d like to provide via our comments section or in the form of iTunes ratings is much appreciated.  If you’d like to come on the podcast don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get a session set up!

Check Sean out at for more on his writing and real estate adventures or follow him on Twitter @SeanCooperWrite.

More Beers, More Cheers, That’s It That’s All!

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