MMFBT 011 – Eva Baker

At some point our podcast for young Canadian students turned into a podcast with a lot of guests that are more towards the “almost young” part of life’s continuum than what most people would traditionally define as young.  We decided to remedy that this week by bringing on a young personal finance blogger named Eva Baker.  Eva is a high school senior, and started the blog Teens Got Cents last year when she was only sixteen!

I met Eva recently at a conference where she blew away the crowd with an insightful 5-minute presentation on “The War Against the Teenage Years”.  Eva was composed, articulate, and humorous.  The only downside was that if forced most of us to reflect on what we were doing when we were 17… and then felt really bad about ourselves.

The More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast
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You’ll hear Eva and I talk about what she is thinking about in regards to her post-secondary education.  While she lives in the southern USA – and consequently is looking at many different options than young Canadians might be – I think it’s still very relevant for young Canucks out there in terms hearing the thought process another high school senior is going through.

You’ll also hear us chat about why we think her blog is such a great asset for her going forward, as well as how she got started with the whole online thing.  Finally, you’ll see that Eva’s entrepreneurial skills are not limited to the online realm – she recently began a side gig in sales and is thoroughly enjoying the profits!

As usual, we want you to know that we’re doing this for you – so let us know what you want!  You can comment on the podcast below, email us at (or use our Contact Form), leave a comment/rating on the iTunes page, or even say hey on social media.  The more we hear what you want more of and/or what we could skip next time around, the better the product in your ear buds gets.

We’re really hoping to make a go of this whole podcast thing, so if you think we’re worth listening to, do us a solid and tell your friends that you got something for them to check out as they was the dishes, ride the bus, or pedal on the stationary bike.  The more listeners we get, the more attractive it is for the big shots to come on and talk to us.

Before I forget, I would be a complete marketing failure if I didn’t mention that our book: More Money for Beer and Textbooks – A Financial Guide for Today’s Canadian Student is available on bookshelves across Canada and on  It makes a great Christmas gift for a loved one in their last couple years of high school or first few years of post-secondary study.  At the very least they’ll check out the chapter on how to party without going broke ;)

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10 years ago

It was so great to meet you and Justin at FinCon! I was SO nervous about our interview but you were awesome and it was a lot of fun – thank you! :-)

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