MMFBT 017 – Case Study: Sandra the Mature Student

It’s been really cool and rewarding to see our podcast steadily gain a following over the past few months.  We’re now at the point where people have heard enough of us and our all-star panel of guests, that there is enough trust to reach out with specific situations.  We think this is a really cool tipping point and we appreciate the honest interaction!  It’s really nice to help people out with their specific situations and gain an understanding of the areas that need more of our attention.

As a result of this trust and the growing of community of people that are contacting us through the blog we decided to do a few podcasts where we collectively learn from providing a response to a single person’s email.  These case studies are all completely authentic and haven’t been changed at all from the email’s and/or comments we receive (aside from changing names for privacy considerations).  I always tell my students that if you have a question about something – even if you think you’re the only one that isn’t “getting” something – please ask it because almost assuredly there are others in the room thinking the exact same thing and for many reasons they aren’t willing to ask.  If you apply this concept to a Canada-wide “classroom”, I think we can help a lot of people this way.

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So, if you like what you hear today and want us to chat about some specific questions you have, please do not hesitate to shoot us a comment or an email.  We will always ask permission before sharing anything and there are almost certainly many other people out there that could also benefit from having your questions answered!


Let’s Meet Sandra 

“Sandra” (all names changed) is a mature student who is pursuing a career as a teacher.  She wrote us with some questions about retirement planning.  Her specific situation includes some debt considerations, and the fact that she is a single parent.  In order to help her out you’ll hear Justin and I talk about:

As always, thanks for listening and any feedback, suggestions or comments you would like to provide are much appreciated!

More Beers More Cheers That’s It That’s All!

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