MMFBT 016 – Preet Banerjee

We only made Canadian Financial Podcast history this week – No Big Deal.  After exhaustively searching through the archives I determined that no one had done a back-to-back tag team podcast before when it came to financial podcasts in Canada.  To be honest, I couldn’t even find an example of two Canadian podcasters doing each other’s shows or even two money folks doing each other’s shows.  If you think I’m grasping at straws here in order to be associated with the multi-faceted brilliance that is Preet Banerjee you’re probably not wrong.

Preet strikes me as that slightly-nerdy, ADD kid you know in high school, who then grew up to get a Ph.D in charisma and bad-assery (years of race-car driving will do that for you).  He lets you in on his extremely unique path to becoming a guy on TV that talks and writes about money for a living.  I daresay he’s the only one of that group that can explain neuro-chemistry and knows what 200+ MPH feels like.

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I usually like to inform our readers where they can find our guest, but in this case you can find Preet pretty much everywhere.  He’s on TV constantly, whether he’s hosting his OWN show, TED talks, on The National, or just proudly pimping his new book: “Stop Overthinking Your Money! – The Five Simple Rules of Financial Success.  He is super active on Twitter, and his blog archive is full of great stuff over at  If the medium is the message, that message is Preet Banerjee might be taking over the world (shout out to U of M alumni Marshall McLuhan).

Suffice to say, Preet’s experiences and depth of knowledge sells itself.  This is certainly one of the best podcast episodes we’ve done so far, so please sit back (or lean forward, lean in, whatever the posture of the moment is) and enjoy!

If you’re wondering where you can find the second part of our tag-team effort, keep an eye out on Preet’s blog for my guest appearance on The Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian Podcast.  We’ll chat about why teachers don’t know nearly as much as they think they do (or likely as much as YOU think they do), especially when it comes to personal finance.  You’ll also hear my thoughts on the recent CPP expansion proposals and some other random stuff about teaching kids about money from a teacher’s perspective.

More Beers More Cheers That’s It That’s All!


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