MMFBT 031: Robert Brown – “Wealthing Like Rabbits”

There’s lots of places to go for financial advice but very few places that are going to bring you references to, sex, video games, and the undead. That’s what you’re in for today on the More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast.

Any personal finance book that starts with a Homer Simpson quote and has an opening sentence that reads,  “I have been told by people whose opinion I respect very much that no serious financial planning book would ever include sex, zombies, or a reference to Captain Picard,” is probably going to hold my attention longer than most.  Wealthing Like Rabbits by Robert Brown a hilarious look at the world of Canadian personal finance.  It’s written for beginners/Millennials (but has something for all Canadians) and does an excellent job of using accessible allegories and metaphors to illustrate examples (my personal favorite being the example of two hypothetical plumbers named Mario and Luigi who buy houses).

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    What the heck wealthing is and why people are supposed to do it like rabbits.
  • Why “asking your bank how much you’re allowed to spend is a bit like asking Ronald McDonald if you are allowed to supersize your Big Mac and fries.”
  • Discussion on if coffee tastes better when it’s made on a granite countertop.
  • What is really important when discussing the concept of a home versus an HGTV-ized house.
  • Is the sticker price of a house really the full amount you’ll pay (*spoiler alert – it’s not even close*)
  • Is this book full of pop culture references and money-related stuff worth your time?

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Until next time, More Cheers More Beers That’s It That’s All.

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