Jobs for those with a Bachelor’s Degree in IT

With more and more businesses expanding and relying on computers, the information technology (IT) field is rapidly growing. Despite increasing competition for jobs, salaries are continuing to rise every year. Those with the most education and experience can expect bonuses and other benefits. If you enjoy working with computers and have a bachelor’s degree in IT, here are some jobs you qualify for.

Staff Consultant – In this role, you assist your department with planning projects, creating prototypes and determining specifications. Besides a bachelor’s degree in IT, some consulting and business experience is also preferred. Salaries start at nearly $60,000 and can climb to more than $82,000 a year

Help Desk – Those who work on the help desk work with customers to resolve computer-related issues. They strive to help solve issues over the phone or via e-mail. More difficult issues may require an in-person visit to the customer’s computer. As you will be dealing with some more advanced issues, a positive attitude and patience is a must. Salaries range from about $36,000 to $46,000

Senior Web Developer – A senior web developer implements web-based applications and works with other teams, such as marketing and product development, to get new applications online. This job requires five years of experience utilizing a variety of web technologies. Salaries range from $76,000 to more than $108,000

Network Manager – A network manager manages a firm’s networking technology. They work with architects and network engineers to test and deploy new networking systems. This position requires at least 10 years of networking experience, as well as a management background. Although not required, certification is recommended and can offer more opportunities and benefits, such as higher pay and promotions. The starting salary is around $74,500 and can climb to $98,500.

Applications Architect – The demand for applications architects is growing at a rate of 7.5 % per year. They work with companies to design applications according to their standards. Although a bachelor’s degree is usually sufficient, some companies prefer a master’s degree. Eight years of experience in the software field is required. Salaries range from $87,000 to $120,000.

Social Media Architect – This cool-sounding job is one of the hottest new jobs in the IT industry. With many companies relying on Facebook and Twitter to communicate with customers and grow their online presence, there is a demand for social media experts to help companies plan their social media strategies. Social media also pays well, with some positions paying six-figure salaries. For instance, the average social media architect inChicago makes $109,000. However, this is 15% more than the average, which would be around $92,000.

Mobile Technology Expert – Another hot career in the IT industry is mobile technology expert. With many people relying on their cell phone to download apps and research specifications, those with extensive IT skills and experience managing mobile phone operating systems (such as Blackberry, iOs and Android) are in high demand. With many new mobile phones with updated features hitting the market, there’s a lot of work ahead for those familiar with mobile technology. The average annual salary is $73,000.

Cloud Architect – Another rapidly growing sector of the IT field is cloud computing. Cloud computing, which is basically virtual networks available through the Internet, is becoming popular with businesses and investors because of its increased efficiency and agility. Those who can identify the architecture in simple terms and explain how clouds increase visibility will be extremely high in demand. With the trend going toward public cloud services, experts in this field will need to be familiar with both private and public clouds and work with clients to determine the one best for their needs. With the right type of experience and knowledge, cloud architects can command six-figure salaries. The average cloud architect inSanta Clara earns $142,000 a year, which is 27% higher than the national average of around $103,000.

With computers an integral part of most people’s lives, there’s no shortage of computer-related opportunities. These are just some of the IT jobs available to those with a bachelor’s degree. Those with the right amount of knowledge and experience can qualify for many more.

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