How To Get a Dream Intern Job

Many of us are guilty of watching reality TV shows and ending up momentarily day dreaming about what it would be like to live the lives of the rich and famous. Although some reality stars are the last people we would ever want to be, and many shows expose people portraying behaviour that should not be idolized, there are still few with outstanding personalities and accomplishments who we can aspire to.

Can I Do What This Guy Does?

While watching one of my favourite reality shows about real estate, I became very intrigued by the ability a particular agent had to charm clients, motivate others, and carry himself with a certain poise and presence I’ve never seen anyone I know. Watching his show, it wasn’t hard to see why he had become so successful and was so popular amongst his co-workers and clients. Growing up, I have always had an interest in real estate for its combination of marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, and communication skills, and noticed how he perfectly brought these aspects together, to create the success he is currently experiencing.

Sitting at home in the afternoon with nothing better to do, I got out my computer and began browsing through his information online. After learning more about his personal story and career, my mind began to wander thinking about how rewarding it would be to work with someone so successful in such an exciting and challenging business. When I quickly found his phone number and email address, I was tempted to just send an email explaining more about myself and expressing my interest in becoming and intern for the company; however, as intimidating as a direct phone call seemed, I knew it would be much harder to disregard someone on the phone than over email. Knowing that I had absolutely nothing to lose, I decided to make the call.

Lucky For Me, He Was Easy To Reach

Unlike most reality stars, real estate agents are some of the easiest people to reach at any given time, never wanting to miss a phone call or email that could cost them a deal. When his partner immediately answered the phone, I introduced myself and bluntly asked if their company accepted summer interns or job shadowing positions. After a short moment silent contemplation he surprisingly answered, “Yeah, what did you have in mind?”

Trying not to get overly excited and sound as professional as possible, I explained to him my situation as the conversation became very casual after noticing he was extremely friendly and willing to give me a chance! Within minutes after getting off the phone and sending him a requested email telling him my future plans for university, and sincere interest in working for the company, he replied with his approval, and a warning of the intensity of their the business and working environment. Although I may talk and think bigger than what is practical for me to manage, I was too stubborn to allow petty fears about the intensity he explained to stand in the way of this learning opportunity.

This Summer Is Going To Be An Interesting One

My next challenge was finding a place to stay in another country where I have never travelled and don’t know a soul. Not trusting the process of randomly finding a place over Craigslist, I ended up going with the almost as random, but somehow more comforting, friend of a friend of a friend route. Much to my surprise, I ended up in contact with a very interesting lady located in a fabulous neighbourhood who was thrilled to welcome the company of a youthful individual like myself into her home for a significantly smaller price than expected. Since we’ve been in touch, she has already been extremely helpful in telling me things I wouldn’t have thought to ask about herself, the city, and are both mutually excited about my stay.

So, after way too many Google searches, phone calls and emails, I will finally be flying out in a few days to begin my six week journey! Whether I will be getting coffee all day, filing papers, or am lucky enough to attend open houses and real estate events, I have absolutely no idea. Regardless of what happens, I know will be a learning experience I will never forget. One thing I have already learned is how responsive people are when you reach out. Every time something incredible happens, I am always amazed by the simplicity in how it came about. With a little courage, an open mind, and less hard work and planning than you’d think, it’s crazy what opportunities are around every corner!

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11 years ago

Good for you! All it takes is trying and look what yo achieved. Almost anything is possible, if you try. Good luck.

This is such an inspiring story! I would never have thought to do what you did when I was young, nor taken the action even if I had.

Way to go! I’m looking forward to your updates on the experience.

11 years ago

Congrats on going for it. I bet if you wrote and email you wouldn’t have gotten the job. Enjoy and learn a lot!

Great! Wish you all the best. travelling is the biggest learning I have known. Which country it is in?

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