How To Choose The Best Student Accommodation

Once a student has decided what they want to study and where, the next big decision they have to make is where they are going to live during the time of their study. Students have lots of choices on places where to live while studying but they have to weigh the pros and cons of each student accommodation option. The options available include the university halls of residence, private student halls, living at home, or one can opt for a private accommodation.  Personally I believe that living on campus for first year students is  great option and allows students to naturally adjust to student life in a supportive environment.  Like many things in life however, this is not a one-size-fits-all situation.  Read on before making your important accommodation decision.

To help them decide the most suitable kind of accommodation, students have to keep in mind a few factors;

Their Personality

The student should first evaluate their personality and how their way of life. This means understanding the challenges of living alone and whether they would be comfortable with cleaning, cooking and doing their own laundry. Other critical questions would be if they can live with another person and how they would handle an untidy, noisy or rude roommate. These are just a few things that a student may need to know before they apply for a student accommodation.  The transition from high school life where you are still a “kid” for all intents and purposes, to the adult world can be rocky even if you make all the right choices.  Giving yourself the best chance for success should be top priority as you begin to focus in our your post-secondary future.

Money Talks – The Budget

How much are you/your parents willing to spend on accommodation? Apart from the tuition fees, accommodation is probably one of the other big expenditures that a college student will have to deal with. If you happen to have a good budget, then it won’t be a problem finding a good accommodation, complete with facilities and other amenities. If this is not the case the one might have to look for roommates who you can split the expenses with.  Make sure and talk into account the total costs when comparing on campus and off campus accommodations.  Often, students that are young and inexperienced with money neglect to take into consideration costs like commuting, and initial hook up fees amongst others.

Location, Location, Location

Most universities will provide some form of student accommodation inside the university campus but if you want to settle for an off campus accommodation, then location should be factor to consider. The location of an accommodation that is off campus will play a big role in your student life. Settling for a place that requires you to take a bus ride to and from school may mean a huge increase in your transportation costs. Sometimes accommodations next to the campus may be expensive but always find a balance that will enable you stay within your budget. If you are living off campus make sure there are transport options that will give you quick access to amenities like the library even at night.  I cannot emphasize enough how important having supports in place is during your first year on campus.


In this time and age, the importance of facilities in student accommodations cannot be overemphasized. Look out for facilities like recreation areas, cable TV, and entertainment and it would be even better if they are inclusive in the rent. Other facilities that may be beneficial are washing machines, kitchen appliances and bathrooms.  Don’t forget a high speed internet connection.  If you’re like me, this is an absolutely necessity.  No one wants to be stuck waiting all night for research to load up while trying to scramble and get an essay done.

A good student accommodation should allow you to rest and study comfortably so you can up your grades. A good accommodation will definitely be a highlight of your campus life; of course after that much sought after degree/diploma.

Students can also find lots of accommodations online from websites that have specialized in finding student accommodations. This will save you a lot of time and all you need to do is indicate your needs and a match that is suitable for you will be provided. For instance students planning to study in Adelaide can find information on student accommodation Adelaide at  You can also scan our website for various other options and tips on trying to find the right option for you.

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6 years ago

First of all you need to decide what you need and what are your requirements? Set all your requirements and then search, check all the necessary things like budget, Location, Electricity bills included or not, Water Supply etc. Also talk about the place with the neighbor as he/she can guide you and can tell you perfect review of the place and about the owner.

Also don’t forgot to check the reviews of that place if listed on social media or any other site.

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