How Cool Is Fiverr?

About two months ago I finally took a long look at this phenomenon they call Fiverr.  If you haven’t heard, the basic idea of the site is that you can sign up and post a service you will do for 5 dollars (USD) or you can search for people to do something for you for the same bargain-level price.  The admin for the site takes a percentage, and you’re good to go.  I have to say that it is absolutely awesome!  You can get an amazing array of things done for the paltry sum of five dollars.  I mean, what can you really get for five bucks these days?  A job is referred to as a “gig” and people can create gigs in multiples of five.  In Canada, most meals at McDonalds cost more than $5!  I can’t even remember when minimum wage was that low (granted I’m not that old, but still).

Just looking at the first page, here are some examples of gigs:

  1. I will as a Preacher, promote your product, service, or event, announcement for $5
  2. I will make your photo into a the simpsons inspired cartoon for $5
  3. I will enthusiastically talk about your ANYTHING like an Australian Nature Enthusiast Watch Video for $5
  4. I will have my son surf a wave while saying your message for $5
  5. I will do Voice Acting as a Voice Actor for your Animation, Video, Cartoon, Video Game or Audio File for $5
  6. I will proofread any document up to 5 pages double spaced for $5
  7. I will be your Online invitation for $5
  8. I will speed paint your text in water for $5
  9. I will take a PICTURE of the cutest kid ever advertising your business on this sign for $5
  10. I will record a testimonial, video message or funny video as an irish leprechaun for $5
  11. I will dance in my famous spandex suit for you for $5
  12. I will listen to your gripes, problems, pity parties for $5
  13. I will create a unique authentic ransom note for you for $5
  14. I will look up Civil War records for 3 people on your family tree for $5
  15. I will draw your character as a stylized cartoon picture for $5
  16. I will teach you how to podcast for fun and profit for $5

…and that is just a sampling without doing and specific search.  You also have the option of advertising a specific job and prospective people check these “ads” and will contact you via your personal inbox.  It costs nothing to post these “ads,” Fiverr will make their money on the back end when you order from someone.  I am usually flooded with offers when I list something.

 Outsourcing – As Long As You Don’t Mind Slave Labour Wages

If you are into web design, this site is an absolute godsend.  I cannot believe the level of work that people will do for you on there.  We’ve had headers done for other sites we are developing and I couldn’t believe the quality that five bucks got me.  I’ve read books that talk about “outsourcing” and I always figured this was something that Nike and Microsoft did, but Fiverr allows anyone to outsource for a pretty cheap price.  Because it now has worldwide exposure, there are people in “developing countries” that make quite a decent income from the site relative to the average standard of living around them.  I don’t think there are many design jobs that you can’t outsource fairly competently for on Fiverr.  Business people have used the phrase “the world is flat” to describe what has been happening with job migration to cheaper labour areas, this site allows anyone to leverage their time and skill set and realize many of the same benefits as Big Shoe Co.

 Patience Young Grasshopper 

You do have to have some patience in dealing with people on there.  The first thing you’ll notice is that some people take a while to get back to you.  This makes sense when you think about it, since people doing these services are relying on doing mass amounts of them to make it economically viable.  The other thing is that you will definitely get some poor results.  As long as you have the patience to sort through a few things you can cut down on the amount of duds that you find.  Use the “popularity” and “rating” filters in the upper left hand corner to quickly organize your search.  This allows you to find people who have produced several hundred of a certain product or service and have had no complaints.  On the other hand, some of the most impressive work I’ve had done has been by people just starting out who are looking to build their reputation for a great review.

Have you experienced Fiverr yet?  What is your favourite gig?  As one of the least artistic people on the planet, I can’t believe the effort some people put forth for five bucks!

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12 years ago

I read about this in my Reader last night, and it looks pretty cool! Though, kind of seems like a hard way to make money unless you can really crank out those $5 jobs efficiently!

12 years ago

I have used it but it is not worth your time for only $5.

12 years ago

Pretty cool :)

Interesting stuff.

12 years ago

Fiverr seems to be a great tool. I’ve bought a few things with it. Like you said, sometimes there will be duds, but you can always recall your money for another gig. I’ve been pleasantly pleased with some of the things you can find on there.

I think this is a great resource. Sure you have to make sure the offer is legit but talk about a great time saver. Why not delegate for $5.

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