Golf vs Cocaine Addiction

I’ve never been a big golf guy.  I always preferred to play sports with a little more action like basketball, boxing and wrestling; however, I am apparently getting old.  More and more of my friends are taking up a set of clubs and playing the sport of gentry everywhere.  Besides not really liking the sport, I cringe when I hear how much money these guys are spending on their golf game.  It is also interesting for me to note that it seems like once people (mostly guys admittedly) get into golf, they talk about in the same tones that cocaine addicts use to talk about their preferred vice.

“If I could golf every day, I would.”

“I’m going to try real hard to get away from the wife and kids this weekend to go golfing.”

“If I could golf <insert hallowed course here> I could die happy.”

Do golf addicts have their own anonymous meetings?

Anyway, all this to say that I am increasingly feeling more and more pressure to take up the pastime.  I’ve been to a driving range on more than one occasion, and I’ve even played a couple rounds with buddies.  Every time, the best part was definitely the scenery and the beer.  Maybe I’m too logical, but can you fault me for coming to the conclusion that I could just go for a walk (I live in a beautiful area) with a beer and save myself the trouble of playing a game I don’t like?

If You Consume Beer All Day Is It Still Exercise?

If it were merely the fact that I didn’t like golf, I could probably learn to appreciate some aspects of it.  For example, there are many times when I don’t like jogging, but I often get a “runner’s high” from pushing myself, and I get the benefit of keeping my belly in check (kind of).  The larger issue for a young guy that is trying to establish a solid financial foundation to support an early retirement, is that a golf addiction may actually cost as much as the aforementioned cocaine addiction.

Here is a sampling of the costs that are associated with golf, and I’m sure this list isn’t even exhaustive since I really haven’t spent much time on a golf course:

-Clubs and Other Equipment

-Club Membership

-Greens Fees

-Travel Costs

-Clubhouse Meals

-Golf Cart Rentals/Purchase & Maintenance

-Course Alcohol Prices


-Golf Lessons/Magazine Subscriptions

I have a hard time seeing how a summer of golf a couple times a week will cost less than $2,000.  If you are a teacher who becomes an addict and wants to golf every day, I assume it would cost a lot more than this.  On the flip side, I hear that most business deals get done on a golf course, so maybe that’s the trade-off?  My current strategy of asking potential business contacts to spar a couple rounds with me hasn’t been working so far, so maybe I should try hypnotizing myself into liking this goofy country club “sport.”

Is golf an acquired taste?  Am I doomed to a life outside business circles because I subscribe to the great Mark Twain quote, “Golf is a good walk ruined,”?


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12 years ago

Golf is definitely an expensive sport. It’s hard to even practice without spending a fortune. And…don’t forget the cost of replacing all the balls that get lost in the woods or the water…or is that just me? :)

12 years ago

$2,000 would be a bargain. The country club that a number of members of my family belong to is more expensive than that – and it’s on the cheaper side, heh.

I can barely play with them – I have a 26 handicap!

Golf doesn’t have to be so expensive, it just depends on what’s really important to you. For example, I’ve seen sets of golf clubs go for thousands of dollars. My set only cost a couple hundred bucks. Would I golf better with higer quality clubs? Possibly, but I’m not planning to become a pro, I just want to have fun. There are so many gorgeous, upscale courses out there that are crazy expensive. Most cities have smaller/cheaper courses that can still be fun and save tons of money, plus the golf range can be fun itself. As with each sport,… Read more »

Jen is right. It doesn’t have to be all that expensive, but it certainly can be. If you don’t mind sweating (but don’t you live in Canada? Do Canadians ever sweat?), tee off after lunch. Prices go down considerably. Additionally, you can find inexpensive courses, and there are frequently some excellent deals to be found online. As for equipment? Craigslist is your friend. And for lots of cheap golfballs? Look on eBay. They may be used, but they can find the rough just as well as a Titleist Pro V!

12 years ago

Golf doesn’t have to be expensive.

There are courses in my area, where it costs $25 for 18 holes on weekends.

That’s just over $1 per hole.

It can be “a great walk spoiled” to many people but it can also be the most enjoyable, social and relaxing sport there is.

I’m a big fan, always have been and likely always will be :)

4 years ago

Sorry to break it to you but there is more cocaine in golf than you would find in studio 54 in 1979. Coke is the drug of choice for on the green.

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