First Week Success!

With some students already moving into residence and the first day of classes just around the corner, there no more excuses to procrastinate anything that will aid your stress in the fast approaching term. During this time, it can be extremely overwhelming to keep track of all the new information you will be receiving and remember all the things that will need to be done over the next few weeks. As a freshman student frantically trying to get everything in order before school begins, I have put together some basic ideas and reminders I have found most useful to help other students get on track and prepared for the first day of university.

Organization Is Key

If you haven’t yet read through each of your course outlines and book lists, now is definitely the time to do so! Having a bit of an idea in advance of what your workload and grading system will consist of will keep you from any unpleasant surprises on the first day. After looking over my course outlines, I ordered a few of the textbooks that we will be covering first, and have spent the free time I have left at home reading ahead. Pre-ordering books online or buying from friends is also an easy ways to save money and avoid huge bookstore lines. When you aren’t buying directly from the university bookstore, be careful that you are purchasing the required edition of each book so you don’t end up spending money on something you won’t be able to use.

Writing out a weekly agenda is another thing that seems so basic that many people don’t bother to make one, but do not underestimate the power of a schedule! Purchase or make yourself a detailed calendar to put up in your dorm, including your class times, buildings and room numbers, to prepare for your first week. After you know where your classes are in relation to your living quarters, you can look at a campus map to find where you need to be at what times to keep from getting confused and lost.

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Although tuition and housing payment deadlines may not be due for another week or two, getting your finances and pending fees taken care of now will be one less thing to remember later when you have more on your plate. The late payment fees are definitely not worth putting off this deadline, so make sure your finances are in order as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding student, housing, or tuition payments, be sure to ask before you arrive on campus by calling your university’s financial assistance centre, or do the necessary research online.

In spite of the heavy load of things to keep track of, make sure to have as much fun as possible this week. Look at all the Frosh activities your campus offers, and make events you would like to attend a top priority. Instead of trying to make it to every single party and being left without energy at the end of the week, choose the activities you know you will really enjoy, and make the most of them. Meeting fabulous new friends and exploring your new surroundings are opportunities that are definitely worth ditching your dorm and list of things that need to get done for, at least temporarily!

With a few days left of freedom before the major workload hits, know that you can never be too prepared and do your best to do as much in advance as possible. If you are someone who generally likes putting things off for as long as you can, now may be the time to change your patterns so you can avoid last minute breakdowns too many of us are guilty of having. It is the simple things like being proactive with assignments, making schedules that include time for yourself, and planning ahead wherever you can that will help you thrive throughout this semester and in years to come!

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