Finding Free Money With Maclean’s Scholarship Finder

Last fall, I talked about how you can find scholarships and Teacher Man helped out and wrote some tips on how to apply for scholarships. Later, I even added some more ways to find scholarships, but today I discovered a new tool which will make things much easier for you in the future.  Thanks to my Maclean’s subscription I stumbled upon their oncampus edition which provides many useful articles that you might find helpful.

Finding Free Money – It’s All In The Scholarships

There’s nothing easier than finding free money in scholarship opportunities, and thanks to Maclean’s Scholarship Finder things just got even easier. From there, it makes it very straight forward to select which school you are in and search for scholarships with different or multiple keywords.

From there you can select all of them and click search and it will pull up the results.

Finally, you can select one and it will give you detailed information on it, with a link to the main source so that you can apply for it.

Between that and the other ways which I mentioned in my last article, you should be good to go. Just remember that there is no “scholarship season”.  It is an ongoing process and its best to keep checking. You can make this easier on yourself by subscribing to scholarship websites so you get an email notification when new opportunities arise.

As you go about finding free money opportunities you’ll realise that you have a ton of scholarships to apply for. The first thing you want to do is prioritise the ones that you are a good fit for.  Sometimes you can apply for scholarships that you don’t qualify for, but I would save those until the end.  Be sure to read the fine print and find out exactly what they are looking for and make sure you make your application nice and crisp.  Be clear, concise and stay on topic.  Don’t forget to double check your work to make sure your grammar is up to par.

All scholarships have detailed instructions on them so be sure to read them. Some ask for tons of information, if they want a urine sample, be sure to include it when handing it in.  If you are a procrastinator like I am, than you will probably leave the applications out until the last minute. I will again, suggest that you apply early so you can ensure that you hand in a “non-rushed” application.

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11 years ago

I’ve actually never visited that site, but I don’t really think scholarships apply to me anyway because I’m in my last semester of school. I find that just applying for things like that pay off though. I applied for a bursary one time, for the first time, and got $500!

11 years ago

I have never used this site, but I have used and What I have found is that they are both very helpful but there is quite a bit of overlap. I will check out Maclean’s and hope for some new ones. Thanks for the tip.

11 years ago
Reply to  Poor Student

I’ve also used the site and found it to be great. Thanks for the tips JB ill check out Macleans now, as my son has just entered his last year of school.


11 years ago

Any tips for scholarships in the U.S.?

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