Exploring Marketing Careers After University

Some students leave university knowing exactly what it is they want to do and how to get there. Others take a little time to work it out and experiment with a few different positions before finding the right job.

Both situations certainly have their advantages.  The best way to make immediate use of a university education is to know what you want to use it for.  If you understand what positions it might allow you to grab right after graduation, then you begin to get an immediate return on your investment (and likely pay off some of those pesky student loans).

On the other hand, working multiple positions for a few different companies allows you to get some valuable experience with several different types of leadership styles, office set ups, and maybe even industries in general.  This life experience not only will help you become a better employee wherever you go, it will also let you see exactly what options you have.  Ultimately this means you’re more likely to end up in a positive environment where you can feel comfortable over the long term.

Interestingly enough, a proportion of scared students allegedly apply for 7 jobs before they even graduate for fear they’ll struggle to find a footing in the corporate world. A small minority find themselves moving between career paths and jobs for the rest of their working lives. If you’re looking for a career in marketing, you really want to be part of one of the first two groups.

Starting early and getting immediate experience will put you ahead of other slower candidates and illustrate your commitment and interest in marketing.

Know where to look and what to look for

If your time studying has provided you with an insight into exactly which aspect of marketing you would like to enter, you should be able to begin searching out those positions that fulfil your criteria. However, if your search is more open ended, you may want to take a look at the marketing jobs offered by DLG Careers as they’ll often have a variety of posts available and our expanding their presence in the market.  They are quickly becoming the industry standard.

In this situation, research into exactly what different jobs entail is absolutely vital and will not only help you decide on which position is best for you, but also leave you better informed about marketing careers. This will give you an advantage both in interviews and on applications.

Target the relevant skills

When you apply for a position, make sure you demonstrate that you possess the essential skills the position requires and tailor your application to the job. Recruiters are looking for what makes you perfect for their role and won’t be all that interested in information that isn’t relevant to the business.

Let them know that you understand what the job demands and that you are able to meet these criteria. Searching for a new job and a future career can be incredibly tough at times, particularly in the current economic climate and unfavourable job market, so remaining confident and patient is essential.

I constantly run into job-seekers who tell me that they sent out *insert insanely high number here* of résumés and got no bites.  Then, when I asked them if they made sure to adapt their résumé and cover letter to specifically fit each position, the answer is almost always, “No – why would I do that – I have one résumé and that’s it.”  Wrong answer.  If you don’t care enough to try and slant your application and greatly improve your chance for success, why should someone else try so hard to hire you?

Don’t give up or stop applying for jobs if you don’t get hired straight away, instead learn from your rejections and try and get feedback as to what has been going wrong in previous applications so that you can improve. If you’re a recent graduate then look for experience you can gain in the industry to match your academic qualifications for the best chance of success.

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