Becoming A Member Of The Yakezie Family

When we first started our blog here at My University Money (about 200 posts ago now) we weren’t sure how we were supposed to measure ourselves.  We knew that we didn’t want to measure ourselves by how much money we made for a couple of reasons:

1) Measuring by dollar signs something that you are doing as a hobby can put a serious crimp in your style.

2) We weren’t making any money.  Neither J.B. nor myself are psychological experts, but we figured if we measured ourselves using a metric that showed we are useless, then it probably wouldn’t do much for our motivation and self-confidence going forward.

So we thought about what goals we should aim for and who we might look at as mentors.  We noticed that many of the sites that we visited had this weird little flower-type of symbol on them, and referred to something called the Yakezie Network.  Once we checked into this interesting network we found a cool forum filled with personal finance blogs from all over the world, writing about finance from a huge variety of perspectives.  We immediately decided that joining a group filled with motivated people was a great goal to pursue.

The entrance requirements also provided great ways to measure ourselves by as well.  We have managed to improve our Alexa rank (although, as a certain highly recommended PF blogger recently opined, this does not necessarily make us special) to a level far beyond our original goals (now sitting at around 68K), but in addition to that fairly arbitrary ranking, we have also made contact with dozens of new bloggers.  This has led to us learning how to improve our site, learning about various financial topics, and generally meeting some great and talented people.

As you can probably tell by the title of the post, we learned last week that we had officially become members of the semi-exclusive Yakezie team.  To realize our first major goal from when we began is definitely humbling and motivating at the same time.  Since I feel like “blowing my own horn” a little bit, it also recently came to your attention that we are the top ranked College/University blog according to the Wisebread (one of the top PF blogs) ranking system.  This recognition probably means nothing to most of you out there (other than we might know a little about what we are talking about… or we are just good at fooling people), but it is definitely a cool thing to have happen when you still vividly remember blogging into a black hole and wondering if anyone seen or cared what you had to say.

We should give a big shout out to the dozens of people that helped us out along the way.  Thanks to the members of Yakezie and other bloggers who have helped us out and recognized our accomplishments.  Finally, thanks to our readers for getting involved on the site and letting us know what you think (especially when you disagreed with me).  The part I enjoy most about blogging is interacting with people I would never get a chance to meet on a daily basis (who says their favourite part is the formatting and keyword research anyway?), so thanks for making this whole deal worth it guys/gals!

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Congrats on the Wisebread ranking!

12 years ago

Thanks for the inclusion and hosting.

12 years ago

Huge congrats!

12 years ago

Yakezie and Wisebread top ranking! You must be so proud. Congrats on your achievements and keep cranking out the great content!

Congrats on becoming a member. :-) Can’t wait until I get to do one of these posts.

12 years ago

Well done and congratulations – well deserved, I think. See you ‘there’ in six months, may be?

12 years ago

Welcome to the network!

12 years ago

Congrats on making it through the 6 months! I look forward to reviewing your post. All new members will gain access to the private forums at the same time after all posts are published.


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