In a world where you can trust things to a lesser and lesser extent with AI overtaking humans in so many areas simultaneously, it’s really reassuring to look at videos. While AI can write almost as well as humans, it cannot (YET) produce the human touch that you feel when you hear someone speaking. For those reasons, we are seeing more young Canadians who are spending their time on YouTube and TikTok trying to really follow those who they believe are the experts in certain spaces.

It is particularly true for personal finance and specifically, investing. There is an unbelievable amount of garbage content that can be found on those venues that doesn’t teach anyone anything. It just helps those who are producing this junk to paddle their pockets.

Some scrutiny is necessary when listening to people talking about sensitive things like money, or where to put your hard-earned cash. There has to be some caution practiced by young people before they blindly follow “advice” which may not be advice at all; especially in the cryptocurrency space, a lot of those scammers are benefiting directly from their audience through the old Pump and Dump method. They pump certain assets by creating hype and make their price shoot up while they are dumping the exact same assets.

The person whom you should be listening to should be first and foremost authorized. Not every jerk with a license can give you good advice about your money but at the very least you would know those people have a certain degree of accountability. They have someone regulating them so they don’t pump and dump assets on their audience. They have at the very least some background in what they are speaking about.

That’s why the Canadian Financial Summit, co-founded by no other than the co-founder of this very blog, and the chief writer currently for Million Dollar Journey, Kyle Prevost, is different. The speakers are actually experts in their space, from well-known bloggers, to financial advisors, asset managers, mortgage brokers, and more. They are speaking in an informative manner that will help people make educated decisions on certain (important) topics… rather than giving generalistic recommendations on the best way to invest.

This is why it’s exciting to announce 3 completely free financial lectures / lessons for Canadians that were recently added to the Canadian Financial Summit:

DIY Investing Simplified

Speaker: Mike Heroux

Mike Heroux, a certified CPA and CFP, as well as the founder of Dividend Stocks Rock, is the speaker for this session. With his extensive expertise, Mike is dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge to manage their investment portfolios effectively.

This lecture focuses on demystifying DIY investing, offering actionable advice for personal portfolio management. Mike aims to simplify investment strategies for attendees, ensuring they’re equipped with the tools for success.

Watch this session for free at the Canadian Financial Summit here.

Planning for Retirement: Strategies and Insights

Speaker: Frederick Vettese

Frederick Vettese, an esteemed actuary and author, delves into the intricacies of planning for retirement. His extensive expertise and contributions to the field make him a trusted voice on topics like OAS, CPP, and annuities.

This session unpacks retirement planning strategies, including when to retire and how to optimize retirement income. Vettese’s guidance is aimed at empowering individuals with the knowledge to navigate their retirement planning confidently.

Gain comprehensive insights into retirement planning by watching the session for free at the Canadian Financial Summit here.

Understanding Financial Advisors in Canada

Speaker: Jason Heath, CFP

Jason Heath, a Certified Financial Planner and chief advisor of one of Canada’s top-rated financial advisory firms, delves into “Common Financial Planning Mistakes and Uncommon Advice.” His session aims to illuminate the intricacies of financial planning, from investment errors to maximizing retirement savings through RRSPs, CPP, and OAS.

In his lecture, Jason offers a comprehensive understanding of financial planning, ensuring participants can navigate their financial future with greater confidence and insight.

To explore these essential financial planning insights for free, visit the Canadian Financial Summit here.

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