What Other Bloggers Are Saying #8

Well we’re under 1 million now in Alexa rank and our goal is to hit 200,000 to be a part of the Yakezie Network and I think we’re well on our way!  We are relatively new and we are trying to balance our blog with financial related articles as well as university lifestyle articles. Next thing we are going to work on is getting our subscriber number up.  I am wondering if automatically sending an email every time we post something is too annoying, and if we should start sending weekly emails with all three posts in that one email.  Suggestions?

If you sign up for updates, be sure to check your spam folder for that verification email as they sometimes get tossed into junk mail!

Here are this weeks articles:

  1. Passive Panda Gives us 99 interview tips
  2. The Financial Samurai shows us Things Totally Worth Splurging Money On
  3. Young And Thrifty shows us the TFSA Investing Options For Students
  4. Boomer does a review on The Big Cook which is a great idea for those who hate cooking for themselves all the time (like me)
  5. Sustainable Personal Finance shares some Investing Tips For Beginners


We are also included in last weeks…

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks for the mention J.B.

    As for the emails, I think if people choose to sign up via email vs. RSS then they are probably expecting an email for every post.

  2. For blogs, I rarely sign up via email. I usually do it via RSS :) I have enough stuff in my inbox!

    Thanks for the mention JB, hope you guys have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks Guys! I’ll leave it the way it is than.


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