What Other Bloggers Are Saying #30

With the New Year upon us it’s a great time to get started on those New Year’s resolutions, then immediately regret making those resolutions!  I can only imagine how packed the gyms must be from people wishing to lose 15 pounds this year.

If I were to have any resolutions it would be to focus on my investing, or to finance a vehicle.  I want to get a new one but I hate the fact that I’ll be in debt again. Speaking of debt, Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents has started The Debt Movement which is going to help a lot of people win cash to take down their debt!

There are community forums which allow the members to share their debt reduction tips and tricks.  Jeff rounded up some heavy hitters to help support the movement as well as talk about debt. You can see the Debt Squad here.  Sign up today to see what its all about.

On to the good reads for this week

  1. The Dividend Guy Blog shows us his best stock picks. Today is the last day for your chance to download his best stock picks.
  2. Canadian Finance Blog shows us the Declining Utility of Christmas
  3. Boomer writes about what we all think about during the holidays… Have I been regifted?
  4. Brighter Life shows us how much we can contribute in RRSP’s
  5. Million Dollar Journey shows us that there are tax considerations for gifts
  6. Young writes about how to achieve your financial goals
  7. Free From Broke shows us the best careers for the future
  8. The Canadian Couch Potato shows us how much money you need invested in order to start a DRIP
  9. MoneySense reminds us to top up your TFSA account in the new year
  10. Macleans On Campus gives a rundown on the best career websites students should know about

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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