What Other Bloggers are Saying # 3

A few little updates on the site this week. But first I want to share the fact that Winnipeg has managed to sell 13,000 season tickets for their new NHL team in just 17 minutes! Now that’s a big slap in the face for the NHL!

Anyways, we decided that this theme isn’t quite doing it for us so we went out and bought a nice one and we’re just tweaking/testing it out at the moment. We are also going to throw up our logo which we’re pretty pumped about.  We hope to have everything running next week so when you see it let us know what you  think! I’m also going to be going by J.B. now instead of Keyfound, I am having an issue with spam blockers every time i post somewhere so I’m just switching it up all together. So in case you’re wondering who the new guy is, its still me ;)


Here are a few articles that I wanted to share this week


  1. Youngandthrifty’s Mildly Extreme Couponing is a great read for those of you that love getting coupons or daily deals in the mail.
  2. Anne Davies writes Food For Thought on the Canadian Finance Blog- Another great post for saving money when you are grocery shopping.
  3. The Financial Blogger shares a post dedicated to use young single folk: Personal Finance For The Single 20 Somethings .
  4. Budgeting In The Fun Stuff gives us 10 Money Tips For Students And Recent Grads .
  5. No Debt MBA writes about Why student loans are the worst kind of debt.


A Big Shout Out To Those Who Have Shared Our Site With Others


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