What Other Bloggers Are Saying #21

This last few weeks have been pretty interesting for us here. We have been fighting with our newsletter and trying to figure out a good way to deliver content to the readers. We did figure out how to set a daily, or weekly option for getting our posts delivered to your inbox. Just check out the form on the sidebar ;)

Other than that we have some exciting news coming over the horizon. I can’t say much now but I can promise its exciting so stay tuned, until then enjoy the articles below.

3 Times You Shouldn’t Be Shopping @ PT Money

What is FOREX Trading and is it Right for My Portfolio? @ Free From Broke

How to Save Money on Gas @ Financial Highway

How to Take Control of Your Medical Bills @ Out Of Your Rut

Brokerage Review: Scottrade @ Best Rates In

Top 10 HR Secrets That Will Help Get You Hired @ Resume Services Online

So You Lost Your Wallet @ MoneySense

Frugal Ways to Help Your Child Get the Best Education @ Wisebread

How to Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts (Tactfully) @ Young & Thrifty

Review of ING Direct’s Remote Deposit @ Consumerism Commentary

Pros And Cons Of Waiting To Buy A Home @ Boomer And Echo

Carnivals we were included in

Have A Good Weekend!

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